How To Love A Man

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How To Love A Man
How To Love A Man

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Men and women are different in absolutely everything. This also applies to love. You have probably heard the saying: "A woman loves with his ears, and a man with his eyes." Of course, one should not take her too literally, but still, every loving woman should remember: a man needs a special approach. After all, because of a completely different physiology and psychology, he looks at many things differently.

How to love a man
How to love a man


Step 1

Remember: it is useless to show tenderness when the loved one is really busy with something. For example, preparing a quarterly report, talking to a boss on the phone, or preparing for a meeting with a client to consider a major deal. At this moment, your tender embrace, supported by gentle cooing: "Oh, my bear cub, I love you so much," will not please him at all. Rather, they will be angry: "There is nothing to say, I found the time!" If you want to please your loved one (and at the same time yourself), choose a more appropriate moment to show affectionate feelings.

Step 2

Remember that everything is good in moderation. For any woman to hear that she is the best, beloved, beautiful, desired, etc. - real bliss. But don't expect your man to repeat these words from morning to night. No need to call him at work, exhaling passionately into the receiver: "Well, tell me again how much you love me!" Believe me, you will not hear what you wanted. Especially if he has an important meeting at this moment.

Step 3

If you really love a person, do not annoy him by demanding constant proof of his love for you. And remember that men hate repeating the same thing, no matter what it is about. They prefer to prove love with deeds, not words.

Step 4

Every normal man, even quiet, calm and phlegmatic, has pride. Therefore, a loving woman should refrain from direct criticism of his actions, especially in front of strangers. If he really did something wrong, made a mistake, made a mistake, point him to the mistake in private, politely and delicately. In no case do not lead the conversation in a harsh, commanding tone. Remember: most men react very painfully when women try to command them.

Step 5

On the contrary, your praise and even flattery (in moderation and to the point) can literally work wonders. Imagine, not only the fair sex loves compliments. Do not skimp on kind words, do not forget to thank the man for signs of attention, gifts, help around the house. For him, this will be an indisputable confirmation of the sincerity of your feelings.

Step 6

Well, do not forget the old truth: "The way to a man's heart lies through his stomach." Your partner will be very pleased if your beloved woman cooks an exquisite dish for him with her own hands.

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