How To Invite A Man To Meet

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How To Invite A Man To Meet
How To Invite A Man To Meet

Video: How To Invite A Man To Meet

Video: How To Invite A Man To Meet

The relationship between a man and a woman is a fragile and delicate area of human life, and everything happens in them. Having quarreled, young people are embarrassed to call first and offer a meeting. This is especially true for girls. But sometimes prolonged silence can completely ruin your romance.

How to invite a man to meet
How to invite a man to meet

It is necessary

  • - telephone;
  • - business card.


Step 1

Usually girls are embarrassed to take the initiative with the opposite sex. Regardless of the degree of development of relations. Such stereotypes have developed in society: a self-respecting woman never calls a man first. And although feminism has thoroughly taken root in the minds of modern youth, but sometimes you look at the phone with longing and persuade yourself not to do what you want so much - not to call, not to remind, not to fiddle with your soul … After all, who said that only men afraid to be rejected? Or that only they have pride and pride? If the person is really dear to you, it would be unwise to lose him because of female vanity. And if you want to see a person, invite him on a date, or at least to a regular meeting.

Step 2

You can say it bluntly: “Hi, I missed you and I want to see you,” such frankness will certainly flatter the male ego and most likely the guy will agree to meet you. And if he does not agree, you should not fall into despair - this only means that the best is still ahead of you.

Step 3

However, not everyone will like such a frank proposal. In order to save face and look dignified, it is common for a person to seek escape routes. In this case, do not go ahead, but use little female tricks: ask the guy for some book, program, film or something else. An excellent option is the need for his help. For example, inform the object of your attention that your computer has broken down, a light bulb has burnt out, a tap has started to leak, etc. In general, man's hands are urgently required. All these tricks involve a meeting, during which you can navigate the behavior of your loved one and smoothly translate the conversation to what interests you.

Step 4

Men love intrigue, so use it. You can just call and say that you have a surprise for him. Most likely, this will interest the guy and he will come to find out what you have prepared for him there. When proposing to meet, try not to sound like a dying swan, be cheerful and relaxed.