What Are Vector Relationships

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What Are Vector Relationships
What Are Vector Relationships

Video: What Are Vector Relationships

Video: What Are Vector Relationships
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Millions of people start a new day with an astrological forecast. Of course, astrology is difficult to take seriously, nevertheless, if science promises good luck, humanity happily believes it. Astrologers are still worth listening to sometimes, because the arrangement of the stars is related to many events in life.

Vector relationships
Vector relationships

Scientists-astrologers consider vector relationships to be a serious test for each member of the couple. Of course, any relationship is a new stage, but in this situation everything is much more complicated.

The concept of "vector relations"

All people are under the auspices of some sign of the eastern calendar. The year of birth and the sign inherent in it determine a person's attitude to life, character, ability to interact. Of course, each sign has its own characteristic. Interestingly, an incredible and mystical connection arises between certain signs.

12 combinations of signs of the Eastern calendar are considered vector relations, which set an incomprehensible, but very persistent attraction between representatives of these signs. In such a relationship, one person is the servant and the other is the master. For example, consider the sign of the Dragon. The dragon in relations with the Boar is considered a servant, and in relations with the Rabbit - the master.

The vector circle clearly shows all vector pairs between the signs of the eastern zodiac.

Characterization of vector relations

Vector relationships cannot be gray, nondescript, regular, or standard. A meeting of representatives of a vector couple is a microexplosion, irresistible attraction, crazy love or violent hatred. Merging into a pair occurs rapidly, contrary to morality and beliefs. Passion overwhelms both partners, forcing them to commit rash acts. And all because both representatives of the vector pair literally break each other's defensive fields by force.

Many people are sure that vector relationships give the most vivid emotions, that such a range of sensations cannot be obtained anywhere else. In many ways, they are right. The feelings of the participants in the vector pair are really at the limit, and regardless of their nature.

Today they are at the peak of bliss, and tomorrow they are already in the abyss of despair. The intensity of passions is really amazing.

Roles of partners in vector relationships

In a vector pair, partners take on the role of servant and master. The servant constantly supplies energy to the owner, voluntarily sacrifices himself and gives all his strength to the object of desire. The owner uses all this from the height of his pedestal and enjoys his power.

The distribution of roles occurs unconsciously, voluntarily. Each partner feels comfortable in their role. In fact, vector relationships are symbiotic, where the master gives attention to the servant, for which he receives the proper amount of energy. It is bad if some of the partners do not have enough volumes. Then serious problems begin.

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