How To Attract Male Attention

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How To Attract Male Attention
How To Attract Male Attention

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From time immemorial it was believed that the initiative when meeting should belong to a man. The woman who was the first to take a step towards, tried to attract male attention, risked forever ruining her reputation, being reputed at best frivolous, and at worst - dissolute. Now times have changed, and a woman is not forbidden to take the initiative. The only question is how best to do it.

How to attract male attention
How to attract male attention


Step 1

First of all, in no case do not experience any complexes about your appearance! Even if yours is far from perfect. Firstly, dazzling beauties often have problems finding partners (not lovers of quick, non-binding romances, but serious men who want to start a family). Secondly, one heroine of science fiction writer R. Heinlein said very well: "Refined beauty scares away, but cuteness, if applied wisely, strikes without a miss, like a sniper's bullet." Thirdly, do not forget that every man has his own ideal of female beauty!

Step 2

Try to visit the places where men gather more often. As soon as possible, come to your friends' parties, theater performances, art exhibitions, sports events.

Step 3

If you like a man, try to strike up a conversation with him. There are as many reasons as you like: from a request to give you a theatrical program to an exchange of impressions from a spectacle you have seen. In addition, a conversation on general topics, as a rule, proceeds easily and naturally, which helps to relieve tension and excitement. It is very possible that your acquaintance will continue!

Step 4

To get the attention of men, be sure to pay close attention to your appearance. This does not mean, of course, that you have to dress up in breathtakingly expensive "haute couture" outfits or wear diamonds from head to toe, or use only "luxury" cosmetics and perfumes. The main thing is that clothes, shoes, makeup and jewelry are selected with taste, harmoniously combined with each other, emphasizing all the advantages of the face and figure, while hiding the flaws.

Step 5

A very important clarification: "emphasizing" with clothing should also be moderate, tasteful. Even if a woman has amazingly beautiful breasts, she hardly needs to wear dresses or blouses with a very deep neckline. A modest neckline that slightly reveals the very top of the charms will bring much more benefit. Try not to look easily accessible in any way! Since no serious, self-respecting man wants to connect his fate with such a woman.

Step 6

Well, do not forget about the ancient, like the world, sign language. If you are embarrassed to directly tell a man that you like him, or are afraid to make an unfavorable impression on him (won't he find it frivolous?), Use your eyes and a smile. This is a proven remedy.

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