What Can Be The Aura Of A Person

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What Can Be The Aura Of A Person
What Can Be The Aura Of A Person
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The aura of a person can be of different sizes, colors and consist of several layers. All these types depend on the internal physical and emotional state of a person, his desire for knowledge. The color of the aura also indicates the level of spiritual development.

What is the aura
What is the aura

Aura literally translates as "breeze, breeze." In bioenergy, this term refers to the energy field that each person has. The level of glow and color scheme depends on how well the chakras are working.

What is an aura?

The field consists of seven layers according to the number of main life cycles. However, modern man usually has 2 or 3 layers. It is believed that this number can be increased through the desire for self-development and self-improvement. If there is no need for self-actualization, then the number of levels is minimal. You can study in detail the structure of the aura in the Eastern philosophies of Hinduism. According to religious teachings, a violation of the integrity of the biofield leads to the appearance of diseases.

What color can an aura be?

The color of the aura can be different in people. He can talk about the spiritual level of a person's development. The red color of the energy field appears with great physical exertion or negative emotions. Also, the biofield becomes red under severe stress. Pink shades prevail when there is emotional or sexual arousal. This shade indicates a person's desire to communicate. The yellow tint is predominant in people who like to reason. It symbolizes good health and focus. A green aura indicates that a person has well-developed adaptive capabilities, he values ​​friendship, but perceives some things too easily. The blue aura speaks of a person's striving for high ideals. If the shade is pale, then this signals a decrease in the need for self-actualization. People with a blue aura are active, alert, and in good health. They live in harmony with themselves and with the world. The violet biofield is quite rare. It is characteristic of those people who are in search of their vocation, who value exclusively spiritual values.

How to determine what kind of aura you have?

It should be noted that the color of the aura can change depending on the inner state of the person. Today, there are special devices that allow you to determine the color spectrum of a particular person's aura. Photo aura also allows you to see the boundaries of the biofield. You can also find out by a certain number, which is calculated by the date of birth. It is believed that each number has its own aura color. The last way - you can ask for help from people with extrasensory abilities.

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