How To Treat A Burn In A Child

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How To Treat A Burn In A Child
How To Treat A Burn In A Child
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Curious children often fall prey to domestic trauma - burns. If such an accident occurs, it is necessary to be prompt and take the child to the hospital, observing the rules of first aid and transportation.

How to treat a burn in a child
How to treat a burn in a child


Step 1

In case of a burn, first of all, it is necessary to quickly stop the exposure of the child to high temperatures. If clothes smolder on it, they must be ripped off or extinguished right on it with cold water or a blanket. Place the victim in a comfortable place and inspect the damage. First aid should be provided depending on their severity.

Step 2

With a slight burn.

Place the burned area under a stream of cold water until the child says he feels better. Apply ice gauze to the surface and take the patient to a medical facility.

Step 3

For severe burns.

Cool the affected area with cold water for 10-15 minutes. Remove clothing from the baby in the area of ​​the burn, except for those that have adhered to the skin. Cover the burn surface with sterile gauze or just a clean cloth. If the child is conscious, moisten his lips with cold water, but do not give a drink. He may need surgery. If the victim is unconscious, monitors his heartbeat and breathing. Call an ambulance immediately.

Step 4


Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause sunburn. It is expressed in severe redness of the skin, pain in the area of ​​the burn. In this case, place the child in the shade and wipe the affected skin with cold water. If, besides redness, there are no blisters and rashes on the skin, then the damaged areas can be lubricated with a special sunburn cream (Panthenol).

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