How To Give Suprastin To A Baby

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How To Give Suprastin To A Baby
How To Give Suprastin To A Baby

Video: How To Give Suprastin To A Baby

Video: How To Give Suprastin To A Baby
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Such a rather unpleasant-tasting drug like "Suprastin" is rather difficult to persuade to accept a child not only of preschool, but even school age. In the event that he was assigned to a baby, the parents have several questions at once. How to divide the pill correctly and observe the dosage and, of course, how to give Suprastin to the baby.

How to give
How to give

It is necessary

  • - Suprastin tablet;
  • - fruit puree;
  • - food fusion for kids;
  • - breast milk.


Step 1

Rub the tablet between two spoons. Depending on the dosage, pour the required amount of teaspoons of pre-chilled boiled water into a small mug or glass and add Suprastin in powder form. So, for example, if the appointment indicates 1/6 of the tablet, add six tablespoons of water, if you use half a tablet, add three tablespoons. Stir gently to dissolve the powder completely.

Step 2

Add the medicine to half of the formula or a small amount of expressed breast milk, depending on what you are going to feed your baby.

Step 3

Place the baby in your arms so that his head is slightly raised, and start feeding him. After he has eaten about half of his usual serving, give him the bottle of formula (breast milk) that the medicine has been added to.

Step 4

If you are going to feed your child with fruit puree, sit him at the children's table or sit on your lap.

Step 5

If your baby refuses to eat, try gently pushing down on his chin, or squeeze his cheeks slightly to open his mouth. Carefully pour a teaspoon of Suprastin dissolved in water into your mouth, and then be sure to offer your child a bottle of warm boiled water. Try to infuse the medicine as close to the root of the tongue as possible, as there are no taste buds. You can use a regular syringe instead of a spoon.

Step 6

In the event that fruit puree has already been introduced into the child's diet, add the medicine solution to it. In this case, the unpleasant taste of Suprastin will be less pronounced.

Step 7

If the baby regurgitates the medicine within 10-15 minutes after taking it, give it to him again in the same amount. Do not exceed the prescribed dose, avoid overdose. If you notice alarming symptoms, for example, psychomotor agitation (up to swinging legs and arms), convulsions or lethargy, be sure to call your local pediatrician or ambulance.