How To Pay For Kindergarten

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How To Pay For Kindergarten
How To Pay For Kindergarten

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Preschool and school institutions help parents create the necessary conditions for child development. But, unlike the school, the costs of staying in kindergarten pupils are not fully compensated by the city budget. Parents of children attending this institution must transfer a certain amount to the account of the kindergarten every month. The inconvenience of paying for kindergarten is that funds are not accepted in the institution itself. To deposit money, you need to complete several mandatory steps.

How to pay for kindergarten
How to pay for kindergarten

It is necessary

  • - passport
  • - savings book


Step 1

Before entering kindergarten, provide documents that give the right to receive compensation from the funds deposited. To do this, open a personal savings book at Sberbank.

Step 2

Then, photocopy your passport, passbook title page, and birth certificates of all children who will be attending the establishment. Write an application for receiving payments to the name of the head of the child care institution and present the collected documents.

Step 3

Get a receipt for kindergarten fees from your group teacher. If the payment document is not completed to the end, then enter the required data.

Step 4

Come with this receipt to any bank and pay it in cash or by credit card, adding to the amount in the document the established commission for making the payment. To avoid controversy, be sure to keep the proof of the transfer of funds.

Step 5

Having met one of the self-service terminals in Sberbank, enter the kindergarten number, the child's personal account, other necessary details from the payment document into the device and enter the required amount. Save your preschool payment receipt.

Step 6

If you have a personal account in the Yandex.Money, [email protected] or Webmoney system, then pay the receipt for the kindergarten using this service at any time and from any place where there is access to the Internet.

Step 7

To transfer funds through the web service, go to the appropriate section of the system and specify the details from the payment document. Keep in mind that payment systems charge a commission for such an operation, the amount of which can be specified on the website of the payment system.

Step 8

If you often visit the post office, then at the next visit, show the operator a receipt for the payment of the visit to the kindergarten. If necessary, pay a commission. When you receive your stamped receipt, save it.

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