What To Do If A Child Licks An Iron In The Cold

What To Do If A Child Licks An Iron In The Cold
What To Do If A Child Licks An Iron In The Cold

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Light frosts are not a reason to refuse a walk with a child. Fresh frosty air is good for health, a child who has walked up eats better and sleeps better. But when walking in the cold, mothers and fathers who take their babies out to breathe air should be extremely careful.

What to do if a child licks an iron in the cold
What to do if a child licks an iron in the cold

Toddlers are tireless explorers, and in the first couple of years of life, acquaintance with the world around them occurs mainly with the involvement of hands and tongue. Parents who regularly take their child out into the yard know perfectly well that they will have to take icicles and pieces of snow from curious babies. Therefore, on walks, you have to pay great attention to what the child is doing.

If the baby has managed to gorge himself on snow or ice, it is recommended to submit activated charcoal upon arrival home. Count on 10 kg of weight 1 tablet.

But licking metal objects in the cold can bring more problems. As parents do not closely observe, it is not uncommon for a child to lick an iron with his tongue. Metal swings, door handles and doors themselves, an iron handle on a toy shovel - all this can become a source of danger.

If the child licks the iron in the cold and stuck with his tongue, first of all try not to be nervous. The situation is common, and in most cases children will cope with it on their own, if they are reassured and persuaded to comply with your requests. Further, your actions may be like this. If a child licks a small metal object in the cold, it is better to quickly bring it along with this object to a warm place, trying not to damage the delicate skin of the tongue. In warmth, just wait a little, and the iron, when heated, will detach itself.

If a child licks the swing or the metal surface of the slide on the playground with his tongue, the detachment process will be more difficult. Examine the place where the tongue is stuck. Try to persuade the child to breathe through his mouth in this place. This method can help if the touch area is small. If this is not your case, you will have to act differently.

You need warm water. Ask for help from neighbors or someone staying at home. It is worth running for water on your own only if the child is large enough and can be left for a few minutes. Sprinkle warm water over the iron, being careful not to burn your tongue. You can spray the kettle onto the area just below the sticking point. Once the iron is sufficiently warm, the tongue is released.

If a wound remains on the tongue, you should see a doctor. Do not give your child hot drinks or food until she heals. Try to explain to the kid on time how to behave on a walk, do not take toys containing metal parts outside in frosty weather.

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