The Better To Rinse A Child's Nose With A Cold

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The Better To Rinse A Child's Nose With A Cold
The Better To Rinse A Child's Nose With A Cold
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Every mother is very worried when her child is sick. Children do not tolerate a runny nose as easily as adults. When the baby has difficulty breathing and his nose is very clogged, nasal drops are not very helpful, so rinse the nose thoroughly.

The better to rinse a child's nose with a runny nose
The better to rinse a child's nose with a runny nose

What is the best way to rinse a child's nose at home?

Salt water is great for rinsing baby noses. However, you do not need to add too much salt to it. For example, one third of a teaspoon of salt should be put on a two-hundred-gram glass, then a couple of drops of iodine should be added to the finished solution, so you get a kind of seawater. This method is perfect for babies from three months to five years old. Some replace salt with regular baking soda.

Salt water does not irritate the sensitive nasal mucosa, therefore it is absolutely safe to use.

According to the next method, you can buy ready-made saline solution at the pharmacy. It is available without a prescription from your healthcare provider and is fairly easy to use. This is practically the same salt water. The solution will help remove the infection and will be great at clearing mucus from the nose. Dried crusts can also be removed with saline, for this, wet a cotton swab or cotton swab with it and slowly process the crust.

Be careful, babies' skin is very sensitive.

Very effective for runny nose and nasal congestion in children, chamomile decoction. A mixture of dry herbs from this plant is also sold at the pharmacy. Chamomile should be brewed in a water bath, then diluted with boiled water in a one-to-one ratio. It can be used even for the smallest, excluding those cases when the child may be allergic to this drug. Also, a decoction of calendula and sage is perfect for rinsing the nose.

How to safely rinse your baby's nose?

For very young children, if they cannot yet support their head on their own, the nose should be rinsed very carefully. After placing the child on his back, drip a few drops of the selected solution with a pipette. A small amount of liquid should be instilled into each nostril.

If the child can already support his head, you should lift him in your arms and hold him upright. The baby's mouth must be open so that the baby does not choke on the solution. It is better to put something under your feet so as not to stain the floor with the liquid flowing out after rinsing your nose. Use a small rubber enema to inject the solution into the baby's nasal cavity and keep his mouth open. Be careful not to throw your baby's head back.

For schoolchildren, you can use Kalanchoe pulp. He is very tempted to sneeze, so the nose perfectly gets rid of mucus. Crush several leaves of Kalanchoe and draw the squeezed juice into a syringe, instill one or two drops in each nostril of your child.

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