What Is The "Sandbox" Program For?

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What Is The "Sandbox" Program For?
What Is The "Sandbox" Program For?

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The Internet and computer technologies have completely taken over the modern world. Now almost every person has an electronic device, with the help of which he can find the necessary information on the Internet at any time and in any place or chat with friends. But do not forget that sometimes a latent threat lurks behind this - viruses and malicious files created and launched into the global network to infect user data. In addition to standard antiviruses, sandbox programs have been created to help prevent their access to the computer.

What is the program for?
What is the program for?

Purpose and principle of the program

Sandbox programs are designed to keep your computer safe while surfing the Internet or executing a variety of programs. In simpler terms, we can say that this program is a kind of limited virtual space in which all user actions are carried out. The program, which was launched while the sandbox is running, works only in this environment, and if it is a malicious virus, then its access to system files is blocked.

Pros of the "sandbox"

Perhaps the first advantage of this application can be taken out from the paragraph above - it restricts the access of malicious files to the system. Even if viruses, for example, Trojans or worms, were picked up while surfing the Internet, but at that time the user was working with the sandbox enabled, the viruses will not penetrate anywhere else, and when the sandbox is cleared, they will be completely removed from the computer without a trace … In addition, such programs help speed up your computer. Since most of the activity of the "sandbox" is associated with work in browsers, each time you launch it (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox), the user will open an absolutely clean and as if a newly installed browser, which does not usually have slowing garbage - " ".

Cons of the "sandbox"

These are also available, and the most important thing is to delete personal data, whether it be bookmarks, pages saved while working on the Internet or even history. The program is not configured to recognize what exactly is harmful to the device, therefore, when cleaning it, absolutely all data is irretrievably deleted from it. The user must take this into account and, if necessary, synchronize the necessary bookmarks or use special applications designed to save such data.

At the moment, there are many names of such programs, among the well-known ones can be distinguished such as Sandboxie, Comodo Internet Security, etc. Everyone chooses the one that is more convenient and understandable to him. In any case, do not forget about the disadvantages of these programs and use them carefully.

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