How To Make A Treasure Map

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How To Make A Treasure Map
How To Make A Treasure Map

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Kids of all ages love to make a treasure map. For kids, this is a great opportunity to draw and dream up. For those who are older, this is an opportunity to participate in role-playing games, while being an author, director and performer. According to psychologists, role play has a very positive effect on the social and psychological development of children. In addition, treasure mapping is one of the options for active leisure for children. Of course, it would be nice to include help from adults.

How to make a treasure map
How to make a treasure map

It is necessary

An old box with an insignificant change or a chest with old scrap - that is, something that is not of particular value, but will be interesting when found. The place must be masked with fallen leaves, branches, etc. You will also need a compass and a map itself. You can draw a map on a Whatman paper - it is more convenient to draw, and easier for kids. This means that for the map you need paints, pencils, paper


Step 1

Hide the "treasure" in an inconspicuous place, so that the guys need to use both imagination and ingenuity.

Step 2

Make a map. For "aging", you can use the remains of old paints.

Step 3

On the way to achieving the goal, leave the children with clues - pebbles, broken branches, etc., so that the guys are sure that they are on the right track.

Step 4

Directly at the place where the "treasure" is buried, put some kind of mark, for example, draw an "X" on the ground.

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