How To Prepare Children For Casting

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How To Prepare Children For Casting
How To Prepare Children For Casting

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Children are now involved in almost any area of ​​show business, be it advertising, film or television. Therefore, more and more parents bring their children to acting agencies that act as intermediaries between young talents and film studios. Although children perceive auditions as a game, preparing for them is not a joke at all.

How to prepare children for casting
How to prepare children for casting


Step 1

Castings are usually notified literally on the eve of its holding - a day, maximum two. If there is a casting for a major role in a film, agencies can send a script for a passage that needs to be learned and rehearsed. But this happens only in exceptional cases. Usually, the script is sent in advance to those children who have already successfully starred in projects and their candidacy is considered first.

Step 2

When you are invited to a casting, you must be told who exactly invites the child and what - a film or an advertisement - to cast. The administrator must tell you the working title of the movie and the role to which the child is invited. In the case of advertising, you will be told the name of the product or service that the child will advertise.

Step 3

Having received information about the topic of casting, prepare your child for it. If the role of, say, a historical hero is named, tell the child about that era, which distinguished the children of that time from those of today. If a script has been sent to you, the child must memorize his words. If he can't read, teach the role together. You can play as the second hero, but just play, not give cues. Children copy our behavior, and if the mother monotonously reads the dialogue, there is no need to wait for the little actor to show a brilliant game.

Step 4

Think about the actor's image. For feature films, children of a certain type are often invited, but you should be prepared for the fact that you selected a child from old photographs. And during the audition, you may be refused simply because the young actor has already grown up.

Step 5

Dress your child in low-key clothing that can serve as a distraction for the casting director. Girls do not need to dress up in fluffy dresses (unless the role requires it). It is enough to wear a laconic suit with a skirt and a blouse. It is advisable to wear a blouse of any color other than white. Boys can choose dark trousers or jeans, a shirt and a knitted vest. In hot weather, bermuda shorts with a shirt or polo shirt are suitable.

Step 6

Pay the greatest attention to a neat and well-groomed look. The hair of the child should be clean, girls are encouraged to have an uncomplicated hairstyle. Children's nails should be cut short - hands will have to be specially pointed at the camera.

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