What To Buy For School In Grade 1

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What To Buy For School In Grade 1
What To Buy For School In Grade 1

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To collect a child in first grade, you need to purchase not only stationery, but also school uniforms, sportswear, several pairs of shoes, as well as some accessories that are required for physical education and labor lessons.

What to buy for school in grade 1
What to buy for school in grade 1

Since the school requires quite a lot of stationery, clothing and other things, it is better to start buying school supplies in advance, for example, a month before September 1. In this case, there is a chance that you will have time to purchase everything to the smallest detail, while saving the n-th amount. Do not forget that on the eve of the new school year, prices for office supplies in stores are increasing.

What to buy for school in grade 1: a list

For primary grades, the list of stationery is quite impressive, because up to the fourth grade in labor lessons, schoolchildren make all kinds of crafts that require a lot of materials. And in drawing lessons, you can't do with colored pencils alone. Therefore, if it is important for you that the child does not feel the need for any accessories, purchase all of the following:

  • 10 notebooks in an oblique ruler;
  • 10 notebooks in a cage;
  • a ruler with a length of 20 centimeters and a square;
  • albums with 12 and 24 sheets;
  • pencil case;
  • colored pencils (12 pieces);
  • felt-tip pens (6 pieces);
  • colored paper;
  • colored cardboard;
  • white cardboard;
  • plasticine (8-12 pieces);
  • a modeling board;
  • watercolor paints;
  • brushes (3 pieces of different thickness);
  • sharpener;
  • eraser;
  • glue stick and PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • counting sticks;
  • sippy glass;
  • an apron for labor lessons;
  • stand for books;
  • ballpoint pens (3-5 pieces);
  • simple pencils (2-3 pieces);
  • covers for notebooks and books (it is better to buy covers for books after the books are received, since the size of the books is now non-standard and it is rather problematic to choose "clothes" for each);
  • shoe bag and sportswear bag;
  • replaceable shoes;
  • sneakers or sneakers (a child must be able to tie laced shoes);
  • sports suit;
  • satchel;
  • shape.

What to buy for school in grade 1 for a girl, a boy

The above items should be purchased for all first graders, regardless of gender, but there are some items that need to be purchased only for girls and only boys. For example, the list of girls should be supplemented with 2-3 blouses, bows, elastic bands and hairpins, tights and golfs, and the list of boys should be supplemented with 2-3 shirts, a belt or suspenders, socks, a tie or bow tie.

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