How To Spend Graduation In Kindergarten

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How To Spend Graduation In Kindergarten
How To Spend Graduation In Kindergarten

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Kindergarten is not only a place where you bring your child to be looked after while you work. In kindergarten, your little one has learned a lot, including the first skills of communication with peers and adults. There he played, learned to speak, draw, dance, sing, went on excursions, participated in matinees. Only graduation remained - and goodbye to preschool childhood. How to spend a holiday so that it will be remembered by both adults and children?

Every child prepares a performance for graduation
Every child prepares a performance for graduation


Step 1

The graduation party is organized together by teachers and parents. The script is usually written by the music director. It was she who learned songs and dances with the children, so first of all you need to talk to her. One or two songs about kindergarten is enough. With one you can start, the other - finish the matinee. As for the rest of the repertoire, at the graduation every child must show what he has learned. See which of the children with which numbers performed at other matinees. It is important that children know the repertoire well. Those children who do not have solo musical numbers can be assigned poems or small scenes.

Step 2

Discuss the design. The hall can be decorated with compositions of balloons and flowers. An exhibition of children's works or a photo exhibition about the life of a kindergarten is very appropriate. Everyone can prepare something for the exhibition of children's works - a drawing, an applique, a craft made of paper and natural materials. They can be made on purpose, or you can choose from those that the children did during the year.

Step 3

It is necessary to take care of the gifts in advance. For children, you can buy books, school bags or sets of school supplies. In some cities, kits are given to all future first graders from the regional government or municipality, so this issue must be clarified. In any case, you need to give something that will be useful at school.

Step 4

What to give to kindergarten and teachers, you also need to think in advance. It all depends on the material capabilities of the parents. You can collect money and donate to the kindergarten, for example, a sports corner or furniture for a play corner. Whether or not to give something to educators is also up to the parents.

Step 5

Decide who to invite to the party. The cooks fed your child, the laundresses did the laundry for him, the music and physical education leaders worked with him. Your baby also had the first teacher, who once took him to a nursery. Cooks, laundresses, nurses - they all deserve from their parents at least a bouquet of flowers and gratitude. Children can make invitations for everyone.

Step 6

The musical director decides whether any fairy-tale character will come to visit your children. You just have to be aware of what's going on. Prepare a word of thanks from your parents. Usually it is said at the very end, after a children's concert. And then they give everyone gifts.

Step 7

Think in advance if you are going to have a tea party after the official part and where. This can be done in a group. As a rule, graduation parties are held in the afternoon so that all parents can come. Therefore, a festive afternoon snack is quite appropriate. Agree with other parents who will bring what. In many kindergartens, pies are baked on the occasion of graduation. You can also arrange gatherings in a children's cafe, if there is one nearby. The program and menu must be ordered in advance. But gatherings after the kindergarten prom are not at all necessary, you can limit yourself to the official part.

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