How To Sew Baby Bedding

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How To Sew Baby Bedding
How To Sew Baby Bedding
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The choice of children's bedding can sometimes put parents in a difficult situation: the color that they like does not fit in size, and the one that does not like it. But you can just buy the required amount of fabric and sew a set of baby bedding yourself.

How to sew baby bedding
How to sew baby bedding

It is necessary

a piece of fabric (the sales assistant will tell you the right amount of fabric depending on the size of the blanket, pillow and mattress), scissors, threads, a sewing machine


Step 1

Measure the length (long side, let it be equal in all cases to X) and width (short side, let its length be Y): pillows, blankets and mattress on which you are going to sew bedding.

Step 2

Make a blank for your pillowcase. To do this, you need to cut out a rectangle with sides: one = the length X of the pillowcase, the second = Y + Y + 20cm. An additional 20 cm is needed so that, in the sewn version, this piece of fabric folded inside the pillowcase forms a kind of valve, into which a part of the pillow would enter from the inside. Then the pillow will not stick out unaesthetically from the pillowcase, but will be tucked into this semblance of a flap-envelope. Do not forget to leave seam allowances around the edges, taking into account the fact that the pillow should not be tightly covered with a pillowcase, that is, another 2-3 additional centimeters are needed on the sides.

Step 3

Fold the pillowcase blank according to the size of the pillow, and tuck the remaining 20 cm inward (this will be the same envelope flap). Sew on both sides of the sewing machine from the wrong side. The pillowcase is ready.

Step 4

Prepare a blank for your duvet cover. To do this, cut a rectangle out of the fabric that is twice the size of the blanket. Do not forget to leave 2-3 cm seam allowances on the sides.

Step 5

On a sewing machine, stitch the rectangles to each other on all four sides (you can cut out the workpiece so that one side of the duvet cover is a fold line and does not need to be joined), leaving a hole about 40 cm long on the side of the length (X) of one of them unstitched in the middle - it is necessary in order to insert a blanket through it into the duvet cover. The duvet cover is ready.

Step 6

Prepare a pattern for the sheet: in the size of the mattress, add 20 cm on each side, that is, it should be 40 cm longer and 40 cm wider than the mattress on which the child will sleep. This is necessary in order to bend the sheet under the mattress, because it should not slide on its surface during sleep and cause inconvenience to the baby.

Step 7

Fold the edges of the future sheet twice 5-7 mm and sew this hem on a sewing machine. The sheet for the baby bed is ready.

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