How To Weigh A Child

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How To Weigh A Child
How To Weigh A Child

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In the first year of a child's life, such an indicator as weight is important and regularly measured. Gaining too much body weight, as well as too slow, may indicate some kind of health problem for the baby. There are approximate norms for the weight of children, in which small deviations in one direction or another should not cause concern for parents and pediatricians.

How to weigh a child
How to weigh a child

It is necessary

  • - electronic scales;
  • - sheet or diaper.


Step 1

This weighing method is the most accurate. The procedure is carried out on a special children's scales: they have a convenient bowl-shape, in which you can put a newborn or put an already grown child. If the weighing takes place at the pediatrician's appointment, the child will be allowed to remain in the diaper and blouse (undershirt). After receiving the result, the doctor usually subtracts 100-200 g for the remaining clothing.

Step 2

In the case of home weighing, the baby can be completely undressed. Place a thin sheet on the surface of the scale and place your naked baby on it. This way you can find out its exact weight.

Step 3

If it is not possible to weigh the child on special children's scales, then ordinary floor scales will do. To obtain an accurate result, it is enough to measure the weight of an adult, for example, a mother, and remember this value. Then measure the weight of the same person holding a previously undressed child in their arms. The resulting difference will be the weight of the baby.

Step 4

To reinforce the result and eliminate errors, you can offer to weigh yourself, for example, to the dad: first alone, then with the child. The weight of the child, obtained when measured with the mother, should practically coincide with the resulting difference when weighing with the father. Otherwise, the balance used can be considered to have a high coefficient of error and the weight of the child is approximate.

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