How To Use Velcro Diapers

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How To Use Velcro Diapers
How To Use Velcro Diapers

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Swaddling has a calming effect on babies - it reminds them of being in their mother's belly. Swaddled children sleep better, feel more confident and calmer, since they do not wake themselves up with a wave of their pens in their sleep.

How to use Velcro diapers
How to use Velcro diapers

It is necessary

  • - a diaper with Velcro of a suitable size;
  • - baby care products.


Step 1

Velcro diapers for many mothers seem to be the ideal solution, since not everyone can swaddle in simple pieces of fabric. Try these diapers - you can quickly and easily handle them, if you wish, you can adjust the degree of tightness, and the Velcro will hold exactly as originally fixed. With this product, you do not need to master the method of swaddling, so you can involve dads in swaddling a child - men, as you know, are very reluctant to take up diapers.

Step 2

Prepare the diaper - place it on the changing table. Arrange the child on it, hide his legs in a special pocket, straighten the Velcro at the top of the leg pocket. Hold the baby's left hand with your hand so that he does not pull it out during swaddling. Wrap the left wing of the diaper around the baby's arm from left to right. Attach the Velcro, which is at the top of the leg pocket, to the Velcro seat on the diaper wing.

Step 3

Now wrap the right wing in the direction from right to left, also holding the baby by the hand. Attach two Velcro straps to the seat. Make sure the wings fit the baby more tightly. That's all - the child can be put to bed.

Step 4

The swaddling method using this invention is recognized as the best possible. With tight swaddling, the child is completely shackled by the arms and legs, he cannot move, and with especially diligent swaddling, even his breathing is difficult. When swaddling freely, the child is wrapped loosely in a diaper that reaches the waist. Hands remain free, legs can also be moved a little. But some babies are too restless - they can scare themselves, waving their arms, disturb their sleep. Therefore, within reasonable limits, the child's freedom of movement must still be limited, which can be achieved with the use of Velcro diapers.

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