How To Interest A Child

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How To Interest A Child
How To Interest A Child
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Any business argues if a person is interested in doing it. In order for a child to achieve success in a particular type of activity, it is necessary, first of all, to captivate him.

How to interest a child
How to interest a child

It is necessary

  • Patience
  • Love for a child
  • A persistent interest in what you want to interest the child


Step 1

Think about what exactly you want to interest the child and how attractive this activity is to you. For parents who are seriously passionate about something, it is much easier to interest the child in their favorite business, since children tend to copy the behavior of adults. Take your chosen activity seriously, whether it's music, sports or study. Let your child know that adults are also involved in this activity. Go with him to concerts, exhibitions and competitions, discuss what is happening. Do this regularly.

Step 2

If the child is not very interested in the proposed business, try to conduct the lesson in a playful way. In order to arouse interest in any science, there are many riddles, puzzles, fun unusual tasks and experiments. For future musicians, you can choose games like "What sounds", "Guess what song", "Learn by rhythm", "Repeat the melody". Don't be afraid to incorporate elements of competition into the game. Teach your child to independently find the answers to the questions posed in the assignment. Thus, he will understand that the more you know, the easier it is to find a solution.

Step 3

Invite your child to find interesting tasks and puzzles for himself, come up with a new game or an interesting experiment. When it comes to an experiment, be sure to ask what the child wants to use it to define or prove.

Step 4

Set yourself and your child tasks that take a long time to complete. This can be learning a sporting element, a piece of music, or simply observing changes in the weather. Subtract subtotals regularly. Be sure to note that the child has already learned how to throw the ball into the ring, standing almost under the backboard, and he has very little practice to get into the ring from the middle line. The scale learned today will be very useful for performing the piece you like. Constantly explain to your child why a particular technique is needed. Teach him to independently explain what needs to be done to complete a particular task, as well as find the most optimal ways.

Step 5

Teach your child to lose and not be afraid of failure. Be sure to analyze why and what he failed. Discuss ways you can complete a task to be successful. Set goals for the future. Today you failed to jump because you took off incorrectly, try to do it differently. If you practice, you will certainly succeed.

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