What Documents Are Needed To Register Maternity Capital

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What Documents Are Needed To Register Maternity Capital
What Documents Are Needed To Register Maternity Capital

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The "Maternity capital" support form is valid from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2016. Documents for obtaining maternity capital include a standard set of passports, SNILS, child's birth certificates, etc., however, depending on each specific case, the package of documents can be expanded.

What documents are needed to register maternity capital
What documents are needed to register maternity capital

It is necessary

  • - Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - birth certificates of children;
  • - marriage certificate (if any);
  • - a document confirming the citizenship of the child;
  • - SNILS.


Step 1

Find out the address of the Pension Fund branch in your city, district, as well as the work schedule - it will not be very pleasant to arrive at a time when the fund employees are having lunch or have already left home.

Step 2

Collect the set of documents that you will need. Among them, you will definitely need: a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, birth certificates of children (a certificate of adoption, if any), a marriage certificate (if any), a document that speaks of the child's Russian citizenship (meaning a child, which gave you the right to register maternity capital - the second, third, etc.), as well as SNILS - yours and children. If SNILS is not received, you do not need to worry - you will have the opportunity to issue it directly during the registration of maternity capital.

Step 3

If your place of registration differs from your place of residence, and you submit documents at the place of residence, then you will need to attach a certificate of registration at the place of stay to your passport.

Step 4

If you are not married (or married) for the first time, then, in addition to the above documents, you will also need a divorce certificate and a certificate from the registry office in the form of F-28 (certificate of the first marriage).

Step 5

If you are a father, this does not prevent you from applying for maternity capital, despite its name. This happens in the case of the death of the mother or the deprivation of her parental rights. You just have to attach to the standard package of documents a copy of the mother's death certificate and the court's decision declaring her deceased (in case of death) or documents confirming that she was deprived of parental rights or that she committed a crime against the person concerning her child (court decision).

Step 6

If both the father and the mother have died or are deprived of parental rights (this, unfortunately, also happens), then the children themselves can arrange maternity capital (with the help of guardians). In this case, you will need documents that confirm this.

Step 7

Make copies of all documents. From the passport, copy the pages with personal data, registration and information about children, if they are entered in your passport. The rest of the documents usually consist of one sheet and are copied in full.

Step 8

Find the website of the Russian Pension Fund on the Internet, download there and then print the application of the established form, fill it out at home. If there is no way to go online or print a document, do not worry - they will give you an application form at the Pension Fund, and fill it out there. The completed application is attached to the package of originals and copies of your documents.

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