How To Write Babysitting Guidelines

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How To Write Babysitting Guidelines
How To Write Babysitting Guidelines

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A nanny with recommendations will get a job much faster than a nanny who does not. Most home hiring agencies ask their clients to write recommendations for their former employees. However, not everyone knows how to properly fill out a letter of recommendation for a nanny.

How to write babysitting guidelines
How to write babysitting guidelines


Step 1

The recommendations usually do not write the negative aspects of nanny work, so if you already decided to write such a letter, write only the positive aspects. A recommendation letter consists of several parts: formal, informal, final part and contact details of the employer. In the formal part, you need to indicate the full name of the nanny who worked for you, her passport details, how long she worked in your family, why she quit (or why you fired), what she did, gender, age of your child. It is possible that the nanny, in addition to her direct duties of caring for the child, also did housework, for example, cooked food, washed the floors. If this was the case, be sure to indicate this fact in the letter. Also, if you know, write about the nanny's education and where she worked before coming to you.

Step 2

Next, you fill in the informal part. Be sure to write here about the qualities of the nanny, about her relationship with the child and with the whole family in general. You can describe what the nanny did with the baby, what the child learned during his stay with her, how he felt, how often he was sick, what condition the child's toys and clothes were in. Also indicate how the nanny fed your baby, whether it was okay for you.

Step 3

In the third and final part, summarize. Describe specifically all the positive aspects of babysitting. You can report a minor violation, such as being slightly late for work. Summarize, for example: "Our former nanny is a very conscientious and decent person, we have been satisfied with her for many years, so we can confidently recommend her for a child from birth to three years old."

Step 4

At the very end, do not forget to indicate your contact information, as a letter of recommendation without this column will lose its validity. Indicate your full name, passport details, as well as home and mobile phones. This is necessary so that new potential nanny employers can call and find out in detail how she worked for you, what you were happy with, and what made you mad. Also, many employers want to know what was the real reason for the dismissal.

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