The First Books For A Child Under One Year Old

The First Books For A Child Under One Year Old
The First Books For A Child Under One Year Old

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The book industry is developing very actively. Today on the market, consumers can choose from a huge number of books of various formats and content. What books to choose for a child under one year old?

books for children under one year old
books for children under one year old

It is possible to read (consider) books with a child of the first year of life from about eight months. It is possible, of course, earlier, but the child has the necessary concentration of attention by about eight months of age. What could be the first books for such a kid?

First of all, these are books with very little or no text. Drawings in books for kids should be large, understandable, clear. It is good if these are books depicting animals and surrounding objects, simple actions. In addition, for young children, it is better to choose books on thick, thick cardboard.

1. Books with shiny pictures. These are such books, where on a thick cardboard base some elements of the drawings are made shiny, rustling. For example:

· "Figures / My first brilliant book." Publishing house "Labyrinth", 2005

· “Masha teaches colors. Masha and the Bear. A brilliant book. " Egmont Publishing House, 2013

2. Books with textile inserts of different textures. In such books, some parts of the design are replaced by inserts such as fur, velvet, leather, etc. It will be very interesting and useful for a child to touch these unusual elements of the picture.

For example: Angela Berlova “Take me with you. My favorites. " Publishing house "Labyrinth", 2010

3. Swimming books. For bathing, I advise you to purchase not just books made of waterproof material (polyethylene), but those, the drawing of which is painted when wet. When wet, the white pages of such books become colored.

For example, Moira Butterfield “Kupalochki. Wake up the color with the duckling. " Publishing house "Labyrinth", 2012 Series "Playing in the water".

4. Books with windows. Opening windows and looking for objects hidden behind them is very interesting for children of any age, and especially for kids. And if these windows also sound when opening (barking, meowing, laughing, singing, etc.) - this causes real joy in the little ones.

For example:

· "Where is my baby?" Publishing house "Azbukvarik (Belfax)". Series "Hide and Seek".

· “In a noisy forest”. Publishing house "Azbukvarik Group, Continent-Press (Belfax)". Series "Talking Windows".

5. Sounding books. Push-books with sound module.

6. Dummy books. In these books, short stories, fairy tales or riddles, rhymes are usually printed on thick "lush" pages. The zest of such a book is precisely in the pages, which are usually made of EVA material, which is safe and lightweight.

For example:

· "In zoo". Artist Ruban Alina. Klever Media Group Publishing House, 2015 Series “Baby's First Books (EVA)”.

· "Books-donuts cutting + applique / What can a horse do?" Publishing house "Labyrinth", 2013 Series "Books-pyshki".

7. Cutting books. Cuttings in the form of animals, houses, objects will also interest the kid.

For example, "Cat-cat". Artist Poret Alisa. Editor Kim E.N. Publishing house "Labyrinth", 2015

8. Nursery rhymes. A variety of publications. Choose according to your taste and wallet.

For example, "Miracle Rainbow". Artist: Vasnetsov Yu.A. Editor: Yashina G. Publishing house "Labyrinth", 2015 Series "Children's fiction".

As you can see, the selection of books for toddlers is very wide. In this review, we have presented you books that will arouse the interest of the youngest readers. By introducing your child to a book in their first year, you will take the first step towards making them love reading for life.

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