How To Increase Leukocytes In A Child

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How To Increase Leukocytes In A Child
How To Increase Leukocytes In A Child
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The cellular composition of the blood of any healthy child is fairly constant. Any changes in blood counts towards an increase or decrease are of great importance in making the correct diagnosis. And thus allow you to identify the early symptoms of the onset of the disease. One of these characteristic symptoms is an increase or decrease in the number of leukocytes in the child's blood.

How to increase leukocytes in a child
How to increase leukocytes in a child


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Leukocytes are white blood cells with a nucleus in the center. The main function of leukocytes is immune, that is, protecting the body from the effects of foreign bacteria, as well as toxins that enter the blood. A condition in which the level of leukocytes in the peripheral blood drops below 4.0 x 109 / L is called leukopenia. If the tests showed a low level of white blood cells, first of all, make sure that the process of preparing for the donation of blood and urine tests was correct. Incorrect preparation, the use of certain products the day before can lead to distorted indicators in the analyzes. Be sure to show your test results to your pediatrician. He will give the necessary recommendations and refer you for consultation to specialists.

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Pay attention to what medications your child has been taking recently. Abundant use of antibiotics, the appointment of sulfonamides, some analgesics, can lead to a sharp decrease in leukocytes. Try to eliminate these drugs from use as much as possible.

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If leukopenia is accompanied by dizziness, weakness, this may be due to a decrease in the protective functions of the body. In such cases, strengthen the immune functions of the child's body. Consult a specialist regarding the use of dietary supplements (special immunomodulatory substances).

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The state of leukopenia often manifests itself in an influenza condition, when the body's immune forces are suppressed. If the decrease in white blood cells is due to this particular condition, give your child all the ingredients necessary to strengthen and increase immunity. Also, be sure to include the use of vitamins during this period.

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A decrease in leukocytes in the blood can be a sign of diseases caused by severe viral or bacterial infections, as well as a sign of kidney failure, bone marrow disease, some forms of leukemia, radiation sickness, anemia, anaphylactic shock. With the help of a doctor, try to exclude these diseases (additional research will be needed), then it will be easier for a specialist to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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