How To Relieve A Newborn From Hiccups

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How To Relieve A Newborn From Hiccups
How To Relieve A Newborn From Hiccups

Video: How To Relieve A Newborn From Hiccups

Video: How To Relieve A Newborn From Hiccups
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Frequent and prolonged hiccups in babies, as a rule, make mothers pretty worried. In fact, there is no cause for concern. Hiccups are completely painless and normal for infants and will decrease to a minimum over time. There are several effective ways to relieve a newborn from hiccups.

How to relieve a newborn from hiccups
How to relieve a newborn from hiccups


Step 1

Hiccups caused by overeating or absorbing air. Place the child in an upright position. Wear it in this position until it regurgitates excess food or the amount of milk that has accumulated on top of the layer of accidentally swallowed air. Some babies very rarely spit up (almost never), therefore, after holding the baby upright for about 15 minutes and not having achieved the result, just give him a drink.

Step 2

Try tickling your baby gently and subtly. This will relax the diaphragm (the tension of which is the hiccup) and, at the same time, distract the baby.

Step 3

Place your baby to your chest. Firstly, he can distract himself from the hiccups, focusing on the sucking movements, and secondly, the milk drowns out the hiccups.

Step 4

Put a few drops of lemon juice or strong chamomile infusion under the baby's tongue.

Step 5

Put the baby on his tummy, while you yourself, in the meantime, do not stop gently stroking his back. In this position, it will be much easier for him to burp. In addition, he can relax and be distracted with an unobtrusive massage.

Step 6

Hiccups due to thirst. Place the child upright and drink cool water. You can use a bottle or drink from a spoon in small sips (the latter option is more effective and therefore preferable).

Step 7

Give the hiccuping baby some sweetened water to drink. Let it swallow in small portions. It is best to drink from a syringe or a teaspoon. Of course, you should drink in an upright position, otherwise the baby may choke.

Step 8

Hypothermia-induced hiccups. If the baby is cold, wrap him up warmly, put on a hat, socks, warm him up, hugging him.

Step 9

Hiccups due to emotional overexcitement. Remove excitatory objects from the child's field of vision. Dim the lights, turn off the TV, turn down the music, and talk to your baby or hum something soothing in a quiet, calm voice.

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