How To Behave With A 10-year-old Child

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How To Behave With A 10-year-old Child
How To Behave With A 10-year-old Child

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A ten-year-old is not yet a teenager, but not a toddler either. He has his own opinion and tries to confront his parents, defending his point of view. It is important to find contact and build trusting relationships with a young person.

How to behave with a 10-year-old child
How to behave with a 10-year-old child


Step 1

Become your child's friend. Communicate with him, be sincerely interested in his life. Listen to the children's opinion, do not dismiss the child, motivating it with being busy or tired.

Step 2

Talk about difficult or uncomfortable topics. Conduct conversations about the dangers of drugs, as well as about smoking and alcoholism. Be extremely open and sincere, answer all your child's questions. These conversations are not easy, but they are necessary. Children should know that in difficult situations they can always turn to their parents for help.

Step 3

Spend more time together. Go to the movies, exhibitions, play sports. Even a quiet home evening playing board games brings the family very close. Travel and spend your summer vacation actively so that the child has a lot of impressions and emotions from the trip.

Step 4

Involve your child in household chores. At the age of ten, he should already be actively helping his parents. Reassign your child to do some homework. Do not give up child help, although it will be awkward at first. Do things together more often, so you pass on your experience.

Step 5

Be gentle with your child. Do not say hurtful words or belittle the dignity of a young person. Do not compare your child with other more successful children, this hurts the child's psyche very much, and such grievances will not be forgotten for a long time. Replace the phrase “How stupid you are, you cannot solve an elementary problem” with another one: “I know that you are a talented boy. If you carefully read the condition again, you will certainly solve the problem. " Love your child regardless of his or her accomplishments. Do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness if you offended him or undeservedly scolded him. The child's heart is very responsive, and the child will immediately forgive you.

Step 6

Support your children in their hobbies and aspirations. If your child is interested in something specific, such as sports or music, provide an environment for them to practice. Praise your child for successes and reassure them when they fail. The understanding and approval of parents is very important for children.

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