12 Things Women Do Alone

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12 Things Women Do Alone
12 Things Women Do Alone

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A real woman always tries to keep herself in shape and make a good impression on others. But there are times when you can relax and do whatever you want: arrange a beauty salon at home, hang out at the computer, or just get some sleep. Naturally, the list of favorite activities goes on.

12 things women do alone
12 things women do alone

Beauty time

The absence of strangers is a good reason to really take care of yourself. A real woman will not be limited to one procedure, she will make several masks in a row: mud, film, cream. A great idea is fabric masks in the form of animal faces. They not only moisturize and tone the skin, but also lift the mood.

A must-see is a variety of body masks, peels and wraps. Applying a healing composition to the body and wrapping it in film, you can do gymnastics, take strange poses in front of a mirror and not be afraid to shock your loved ones. The program will end with a bath with a cup of herbal tea, freshly squeezed juice or even a glass of champagne.

Nail salon


An excellent option for meditation is home manicure and pedicure. The process of processing nails can take a couple of hours, filing and fiddling with cuticles can be supplemented with peels, baths, masks. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of varnish. Instead of boring one-color options, you should try creative: stencil coloring, simple drawings, stickers and even rhinestones. A special pleasure is to do nail finishing not in the bathroom or bedroom, but in the living room, right in front of the TV. And no criticism from loved ones!

Eliminate imperfections

There are procedures that need to be done without witnesses: epilation, hair coloring, facial cleansing, or self-tanning. During these manipulations, women do not look very attractive, but the result is worth it to suffer for a couple of hours.

Big cleaning

Loneliness is a great excuse to put things in order in the most secluded corners. Accompanied by the disassembly of cabinets and drawers, as well as the throwing away of a large number of unnecessary (and sometimes necessary) things. Cleaning can smoothly turn into mini-repairs - it all depends on the mood and fighting spirit.

Become a star


Pick up a hairbrush, wrap yourself in a blanket, turn on your favorite composition and imagine yourself as a prima donna - this can only be decided in the absence of witnesses. Singing is often accompanied by dancing. Lack of voice, hearing and stage plastic skills is not a hindrance. But such performances perfectly relax and set you in a positive mood.

Experiments with appearance

It's time to try a crazy new hairstyle, unusual eyeshadow and lipstick that is too bright. Do absolutely crazy makeup, wash it off and put it on again. If the experiment is successful, you can film it on your smartphone (it may come in handy in the future). The bigger challenge is trying on clothes that are two or three years old and making sure it's time to go on a diet.

Improving the figure

Psychologists believe that many women are embarrassed to go to gyms, preferring to train away from prying eyes. Nobody evaluates the volumes, the grace with which the exercise is performed, the entire apparatus and the number of approaches. You can try to sit on a split, take a yoga pose or stand on your head - even if nothing works out, no one will know about it. Alone, you can do noisy breathing exercises, do strange exercises for the face and neck, try to lift weights or master mini-simulators - any manipulations will only be beneficial.

Forget about perfection

Left at home alone, you can walk all day in pajamas, an old tracksuit, or even completely naked, evaluating your reflection in each mirror. The main thing is to have something close at hand to quickly sketch when someone from the household unexpectedly returns home.

Eat at your pleasure

A morning alone is the best time for breakfast in bed. It is not necessary to prepare complex dishes, you can limit yourself to coffee, juice from a bag, ready-made buns and fruits. However, eating borscht or cutlets in bed is also not forbidden.

Computer games

Many women nag their husbands for their excessive passion for shooters and adventure games. However, when left alone, they are also not averse to hovering in front of the screen for an hour or two. Those who are especially keen can devote the whole night to this activity. An alternative option is playing computer solitaire for many hours.

Watching TV shows

The most popular activity that goes well with manicure or masks. A special pleasure is to download several seasons at once and watch them non-stop, taking infrequent food breaks. Surprisingly, women are less likely to choose romantic melodramas. The list of leaders includes crime series, reality shows and full-length cartoons.

Deep sleep

The most radical way to spend your free time. Some people prefer to get up closer to lunchtime, while others may take a nap in the middle of the day. Women have a weighty excuse - sleep preserves beauty, and besides, such rest gives an excellent boost of vigor for a whole week. Especially if you don't spend your "sleepy day" too often.

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