Is There Sex Without Love

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Is There Sex Without Love
Is There Sex Without Love

Only in love stories does sex happen out of great love. In life, the reason for intimate relationships can be a lot: the desire to receive pleasure, boredom, revenge, or even rape.

Is there sex without love
Is there sex without love


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A person has physiological needs, and sex is related to them. In the process, certain hormones are released, which help the normal functioning of the body. Their absence cannot kill, but prolonged abstinence worsens overall health. Doctors today sometimes recommend sex as a remedy for depression.

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Sex without love happens very often, for example, cheating. When it becomes boring in a permanent relationship, when uniformity is not happy, a person begins to seek adventure. Of course, he may fall in love with someone, but feelings are not required. Interest and desire are sufficient components to continue acquaintance on a more intimate level. At the same time, everyone gets what they wanted, and love remains within the family.

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Sex without commitment is also an option without love. People decide to get pleasure, but they are not ready for demands, responsibilities or claims. They just have fun, experiment, and then go their separate ways. Such forms of interaction arise when partners cannot find a match for themselves, when personal life does not work out, but you want satisfaction. Often such alliances are formed after divorces, when the pain is still strong, there is no desire to build something again, and the body requires physical intimacy.

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If intimacy occurs on the day of acquaintance, it is also difficult to associate it with love. Of course, feelings at first sight exist, but this is not love yet, but rather passion. People simply fall into each other's arms, not knowing anything about their partner, enjoying themselves and not thinking about what will happen next. Such sex can develop into a long-term relationship, or it can simply be forgotten. A pickup truck is a one-time seduction, it can be called a global movement that promotes sex for just one night.

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Prostitution has nothing to do with love. But both men and women do it for profit. They are ready for intimacy in order to earn money, and the person who turns is satisfied. From the outside, this is just buying and selling, in which there is no place for feelings.

Step 6

The exchange of partners also exists. People try to diversify their lives by having sex with someone else, but with the knowledge of their partner. It could be a swing or an open relationship. At the same time, there is love for a constant companion, and a new one is just entertainment that does not require love, sympathy is enough.

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There is much more sex without love in the world than sincere relationships with deep feelings. But real emotions make intimacy unforgettable. Therefore, it is important to strive not only for pleasures, but specifically for feelings, only they bring joy and give complete satisfaction.

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