How To Introduce Children To The Book

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How To Introduce Children To The Book
How To Introduce Children To The Book
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People who read a lot and with interest have a well-developed imagination and a rich vocabulary. Introduce your child to the book as early as possible. Reading will help develop intellectual and creative abilities in the crumbs.

How to introduce children to the book
How to introduce children to the book


Step 1

You should not immediately read Shakespeare's sonnets or Kafka's sonnets in the original to a child. Start with fun baby books for kids. Read baby poems and songs to the little one, do it with fun and expression. Poems by Agnia Barto and Irina Tokmakova are perfect.

Step 2

Choose books with bright and large illustrations for kids, because children love to look at pictures. Buy some educational books with soft design and soundtrack. For example, a cow mooes from a touch, a cat meows, a chicken clucks. There are also special books on sale with which you can swim. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the material from which the book is made. The product must be safe for the baby, durable and preferably washable.

Step 3

When the child grows up, introduce him to fairy tales. Choose the kind and instructive, in which heroes are rewarded for good deeds, and villains are defeated. Start with Russian folk tales, and then gradually move on to world literature.

Step 4

Children of preschool age can already read short stories and stories. Stories about animals are very interesting and informative. They open the world of nature to the child.

Step 5

Get some children's encyclopedias. This is a very useful and developmental reading. Just make sure that the books are appropriate for the child's age.

Step 6

From 5-6 years old, start teaching your child to read. There are many different teaching methods. There are special kits for early learning to read. One of these is called "Reading from the cradle." Choose the program that is closest and understandable to you.

Step 7

Believe me, your efforts will not be in vain. From childhood, a child will get used to gaining knowledge and increasing his intelligence. And the sooner this fun process begins, the better the results will be.

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