Help, I'm Jealous! How To Deal With This Feeling

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Help, I'm Jealous! How To Deal With This Feeling
Help, I'm Jealous! How To Deal With This Feeling

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Jealousy is one of the main motives for breaking up a relationship between lovers. Among the causes of family quarrels, only financial conflicts can be put one step higher. Thus, if you want to build a strong family, you need to learn how to deal with jealousy.

Help, I'm jealous! How to deal with this feeling
Help, I'm jealous! How to deal with this feeling

Types of jealousy

The reasons for jealous behavior vary. In general, it is common to all people. Some people prefer to express their jealousy in a straightforward and spontaneous manner, while others find it easier to hide emotions and carry resentment within themselves. The latter will prefer to conduct a thorough investigation, looking for traces of infidelity in the e-mail and mobile phone of their beloved, and only then present evidence.

In addition, people's reactions to jealousy also differ. According to a number of psychologists, a third of the interviewed men and women considered the jealousy of their soulmates as a kind of shake-up for their relationship, without which they would become boring and "insipid." The rest of the respondents consider the jealousy of their chosen ones and chosen ones to be disadvantages.

In a separate group, justified jealousy can be distinguished, when a partner really tries to flirt with everyone they meet. Usually, such behavior is inherent in people who are insecure about themselves, so they strive to get the attention of everyone around and prove to others and, first of all, to themselves that they are worth something. In this situation, you can adhere to neutrality or decide to have a frank conversation with your significant other. You need to tell him about your experiences and surround him with love and care, so that he does not need attention on the side.

How to stop being jealous?

There are situations when from the outside everything looks completely normal, but deep down you are torn apart by doubts. Uncertainty begins to torment immediately after a loved one leaves home - where is he? And with whom? Usually, such experiences are based on their own self-doubt. The way out of the situation is to start loving yourself and stop being overly self-critical of yourself.

Sometimes this feeling of jealousy overtakes housewives. They simply have nothing to do, so they try to catch the faithful of treason and inflate an elephant out of a fly. In such a situation, you should only advise them to find something to their liking. Then negative thoughts will disappear by themselves.

According to psychologists, if you have recently been visited by unreasonable jealousy towards your beloved, there is no need to immediately show him suspicions and pester him with endless questions. If you look for evidence of his infidelity, and the plan is revealed, then the trust between you will be greatly shaken. Be rational, resist emotions, and pay attention to signs of love and warmth in your relationship.

It is also important to get to know your loved one better: study his character and behavior habits. Do this as long as you are together - exchange opinions, go to various events, ask how his day went, and so on. This will not only bring you closer, but also will not allow your wild imagination to play out from scratch. This will help you cope with jealousy more quickly.

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