How Easy It Is To Be Friends With A Guy

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How Easy It Is To Be Friends With A Guy
How Easy It Is To Be Friends With A Guy

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Girls quite often think about how easy it is to be friends with a guy without entering into a romantic relationship with him. It is enough to find the right approach to communicating with a young man, and you will immediately understand why it is even easier to be friends with guys than with girls.

Friendship with a guy exists
Friendship with a guy exists


Step 1

If you are determined to just be friends with a guy, do not "feed" him with unnecessary promises and even just hints that he may become your soul mate after a certain period of time. It is better to immediately thank the young man if he has done or is doing something important for you, and say that he is a true friend. Be wary of hugs and kisses - they should also be extremely friendly and not flirtatious on your part.

Step 2

Try to suppress courting gestures: if a young man invites you to a restaurant, go sailing, have a joint picnic in a secluded place, and also gives flowers or a valuable gift, it is better to politely refuse. Invite him to just walk and chat in a familiar, everyday environment. At the same time, at the initial stage of friendly relations, it is better to take people you know with you, so as not to feel awkward alone with a guy and not to be tempted to get closer to him.

Step 3

To just be friends with a guy and convince him of your intentions, look for topics of conversation and interests that would bring you closer in this particular plan. For example, discuss new movies, computer games, updates on social networks, business at the university or at work, etc. It is better to avoid talking about your or his love affairs, sexual topics, and anything else that can pique interest in you as an object for romantic relationships.

Step 4

Be prepared for the fact that over time, or even immediately, a young person may begin to feel feelings for you and try to spend more time alone with you, ask uncomfortable questions, etc. Carefully tell him that you don't want to get into a serious relationship, or that you already have someone who owns your heart. Also give other reasons for your refusal, if necessary, for example, that he does not suit you in character, you prefer a different type of men, so you just want to be friends with a guy.

Step 5

Act naturally in the company of your boyfriend, as if you were chatting with your girlfriend. If you are confident with a person, you can feel free to share some secrets with him and just easily communicate on everyday topics.

Step 6

Offer to help the young man find a soul mate. Perhaps he needs a girl for a relationship, and in this case you become one of the main contenders for this role for him. Arrange for him to meet with one of your close friends who is also looking for a soul mate, or just tell him what girls pay attention to and how to win their heart.

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