How To Reconcile Parents

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How To Reconcile Parents
How To Reconcile Parents

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Not all adolescents have successful families with loving and friendly parents. Much more often, a teenager suffers from the fact that parents are incessantly quarreling, conflicting, or are on the verge of divorce. In a situation of a quarrel between parents, children usually find themselves between two fires, not knowing which side to take, and wanting to reconcile mom and dad. It is far from always possible to really reconcile the parents on their own, but in some cases you can try to improve the situation in the family.

How to reconcile parents
How to reconcile parents


Step 1

First of all, determine what is the cause of the parental quarrel and how deep it is. Perhaps, if the feelings of your parents have completely cooled down, you better not interfere in their relationship - a divorce still cannot be avoided. If you see that the parents love each other, but for some reason are in conflict, try to come up with a reconciliation strategy.

Step 2

Some parents in a quarrel begin to use the child for their own purposes, manipulating him and turning him against the other parent. Don't let yourself be ruled - if your father asks you to tell your mom something because he doesn't talk to her, refuse. Then the parents, willy-nilly, will have to contact, and they will no longer play any roles for you. Let your parents know that they are bringing pain and anxiety to you through their fight.

Step 3

If the parents are adequate enough, try to get them together for a "family meeting" and talk seriously and without mutual claims. Be dispassionate and calm - your parents should see you as an adult who worries about the family atmosphere and wants your parents to relate to each other as before.

Step 4

Try to restore something memorable and dear to both of them for the parents. Give them a romantic candlelit dinner or restaurant trip like years ago. Bring your parents together in a romantic setting, get everything you need ready, and then leave. Perhaps this will revive old feelings.

Step 5

The main thing that you should not do is to attract attention to yourself with negative events, such as leaving home, alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other demonstrative ways to attract the attention of the quarreling. Do not pay with your own health and reputation for the behavior of your parents - try to reconcile them in more reasonable ways.

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