How To Lay A Newborn

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How To Lay A Newborn
How To Lay A Newborn

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The first days outside the womb are a difficult period in a baby's life. He needs to quickly adapt to a new life, but he himself still can hardly do anything. Even the most comfortable position for him is chosen by his parents. True, even a child who was born just a few hours ago has some ways to express his opinion. And adults need to be attentive to the baby's reactions when they choose in which position and on which bed the baby will sleep.

How to lay a newborn
How to lay a newborn

It is necessary

  • - cot or stroller;
  • - kids clothes.


Step 1

Decide if the newborn will sleep with you or will have his own bed from the beginning. A shared family bed should be quite large, because even such a tiny one takes up a lot of space. Adaptation in the new world is better if the baby feels the closeness of the mother, hears her heartbeat and feels the touch. But an ordinary double bed or sofa can be dangerous for a baby. In a cramped bed, parents will either not get enough sleep, being afraid of accidentally crushing the baby, or they can really harm him inadvertently. Therefore, if you have a small apartment where there is no way to put a huge bed, put the baby separately.

Step 2

In the first days of life, a crib is optional. A kid can get by with a stroller or a large wicker basket. A very convenient option is the Russian folk shake. It can be hung from the ceiling next to your bed. The kid will be nearby, you do not have to jump up and run across the room. At the same time, you will not be afraid to harm him, and accordingly, your sleep will become more restful.

Step 3

A crib or stroller usually comes with a mattress. When purchasing, do not forget to check its compliance with safety standards. Feeling the mattress will make sure it is quite firm. When preparing your baby's bed in the basket, follow the same principle. The mattress should be flat and firm. A newborn doesn't need a pillow at all. The baby's bed should be made of natural materials - this will help avoid allergies. You need to change it every day.

Step 4

It is possible to decide in what position it is more convenient for the baby to sleep only experimentally. If you put your baby on the back, place a sheet folded in four under his head. Even if the baby sleeps well in this position, he still does not have to be in it all the time. The baby sleeps most of the day. His head bones are not yet fully formed. They can form incorrectly if the baby lies only on its side or only on its back all the time.

Step 5

In some cases, a newborn baby still needs a pillow. True, they put it not under the head, but under the back, if the baby sleeps on its side. Lay the baby on one side or the other, both during sleep and during periods of wakefulness. If your toddler is awake, place him on a barrel so that he can see what is happening in the room.

Step 6

After feeding, it is safer for a newborn to sleep on his stomach, especially if the baby spits up some of the food. If he lies on his stomach or on his side, then he will definitely not choke. In this case, it is necessary to be especially careful so that the child does not sleep on a soft surface. A mattress that is too soft can lead to a build-up of gas, which does not in any way improve the infant's sleep.

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