How To Charm A Man

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How To Charm A Man
How To Charm A Man

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The desire of women to charm the stronger sex is ineradicable and quite natural. But let's make a reservation right away: enchant, not seduce! Today we are not talking about how to make you turn around on the street, but about how to become an attractive person for men.

How to charm a man
How to charm a man

Look attractive

Some wise woman said, "If you want to be taken care of, take care of yourself." You should always remember the fact that "men love with their eyes." Let this phrase be banal, but banality is the truth that finds itself daily confirmation. You don't have to be a beauty, but it is important to be able to emphasize your dignity, have a neat hairdo, smell good, etc. At the first stage of a relationship, style and appearance are one of the main factors that make a man want to be "charmed."

Be confident in yourself

When a woman lives in harmony with herself, he is self-sufficient: she has her own social circle, favorite hobby, cherished dream and plans for the future. A man is always interested next to such a woman, so a man finds her charming. An insecure woman is completely dependent on the opinion of a man, therefore she lives only by his interests and looks at him with devoted eyes, in which only one desire is easily read: "I want to get married." Ottak women, men run like fire.

Don't be easily accessible

Letting the man understand that you are pleased with his company, take a break. Now the main thing is not to kill the "spirit of the hunter" in him. If a man feels that a woman is going out of his way to please him, he will immediately lose all interest in her. Continue to be friendly, but … From time to time, cancel appointments, walk away from the conversation, do not rush directly to the phone if it rings. Inaccessibility will only add to your charm.

Be pleasant to talk to

Choosing between a cold unsmiling beauty and an affable laughter of average likability, a man would rather prefer the second. Therefore, give him smiles, laugh at his jokes, behave at ease, and show with all kind that you enjoy communicating with him. The man will feel irresistible in your company. He will love this state and will try to repeat it over and over again.

Do not follow his lead

Sometimes women, in order to please a man, strive to fulfill his every desire. It seems to them that he will appreciate their dedication. In fact, a man gets used to thinking only about his own pleasures. The desire to please at all costs and to fulfill any of his wishes weakens the respect for you on the part of the man. It's okay if your opinions don't coincide at times. Therefore, do not be afraid to boldly admit that you absolutely do not want to go to football. By making it clear that you are a person with your own interests and desires, you will train him to respect himself. And it is these "differences" of yours that will seem especially charming …

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