How To Satisfy A Woman

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How To Satisfy A Woman
How To Satisfy A Woman

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For women, the psychological component is very important in sex. They must tune in to intimacy, relax, and completely trust their partner. Only in this way will they be able to reach the peak of pleasure.

How to satisfy a woman
How to satisfy a woman


Step 1

To satisfy a woman, you need to tune in to her wave. Feel it, adjust. Two psychological techniques will help a lot in this - "mirroring" and simultaneous breathing. Try to get in rhythm with the woman first, notice when she breathes in, when she breathes out. Speed ​​up or slow down your own breathing. Mirroring is a repetition of a friend's gestures. She straightens her hair - and you straighten, she touches the wrist - and you touch. Very soon you will notice that you have started doing the same movements together, without any special adjustments.

Step 2

When you tune in to a woman psychologically, sex will be of better quality. But physical sensations are also important. Remember that many women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Help yourself with your hands. But be careful. This is a very delicate part of the body, too sharp and strong movements can hurt a woman. Your best bet is to ask if she needs you to touch her hands there.

Step 3

Ask the woman to communicate her feelings, guide you, speak, move you faster or slower. Kiss your neck, chest, abdomen - over time, you will find all the erogenous zones. Handle your nipples very carefully. They are very sensitive, and at a certain period of the menstrual cycle - before menstruation or during ovulation, even light touching them can cause pain.

Step 4

If you want to try a new kind of sex - anal, oral - warn the woman about it. If she cannot relax well, it will hurt her. Use lubricants and lubricants to make penetration easier.

Step 5

Use your fingers and tongue to bring the woman to orgasm if you've finished early. Do not dwell on your feelings, please your partner. Otherwise, the next time before the evening together, she will have a “headache”, she will “get tired at work” or simply “want to sleep badly”.

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