How To Leave A Person

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How To Leave A Person
How To Leave A Person

Video: How To Leave A Person

Video: How To Leave A Person
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People are no longer together, but still not apart - it also happens. Like "outwardly" we parted; everyone, it would seem, should have their own life - however, relationships (not love, namely some incomprehensible relationship connecting two) stretch and stretch, and they do not see the end-edge. This, of course, prevents you from building other relationships and starting a new stage in life. But it's time to take a step forward.

How to leave a person
How to leave a person

It is necessary

Calmness, an objective view of what is happening, activity


Step 1

The main mistake is to try to erase everything from memory. Forgetting forever - in this way you can try to protect yourself from pain, but at the same time it should be borne in mind that during your communication with your loved one you had not only bad, but also good together! It turns out that at the same time you will "throw away" positive phenomena - joy, romance, inspiration, dreams, etc. The soul will be completely empty. But in fact, it is necessary to divide the events of the past into two parts - "that which brought pain" and "that which brought joy."

Step 2

Recognize that you still remember good and bad. You miss, get angry, jealous, have fun, hope. You are sad from the realization that a lot has been missed and that something will not return. You may be afraid, waiting, or anxious about what you have done.

Step 3

Remember all the brightest and most pleasant that was associated with this person. Live these periods again.

Step 4

Now remember what kind of heaviness arose in your relationship even then. What caused his character and behavior, what caused your character and behavior. Remember what was wrong - and "burn off", repay, putting an end to it.

Step 5

Speak to some higher intelligence (eg, God) and talk about your "ex." Imagine that "data" is being collected about him, and you are a survey participant. Tell us what this person did for you, what he brought into your life. Surely he taught you something useful. For something you are grateful to him so far. You can write about it on a piece of paper or tell loved ones.

Step 6

If the well-being of this person depended on you, what would you wish him? What would you pass on to your children and grandchildren as an experience? Consider both your "blessing" to the former and your "message to posterity." And then do some kind deed in honor of past love.

Step 7

Find a place in your heart and define your ended relationship. There can be no future without the past.