How To Stay Friends With A Man

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How To Stay Friends With A Man
How To Stay Friends With A Man

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Video: How To Stay Friends With A Man
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At some point, you realize that the relationship is over. There is a need for a serious and long conversation, full of despair, sadness and worries. And then the most banal phrase "Let's stay friends" sounds. Is it possible?

How to stay friends with a man
How to stay friends with a man


Step 1

Everyone unanimously asserts that there has never been and cannot be friendship between a man and a woman. Don't be so categorical. It is necessary to consider the situation from different angles.

Friendships between a man and a woman are possible, but they will be more sensual and more reserved at the same time than same-sex friendship. No one argues, as a rule, such a relationship is based on sexual attraction on one side or the other, when one of the two does not share the romantic aspirations of the other.

Step 2

Subconsciously, most men regard "let's be friends" as a game of cat and mouse. Some of these games are unacceptable and cut off any kind of relationship with a woman. For others, the beloved woman is very dear, so they become friends for a while in the hope of returning her to their strong male embrace. Most often, both parties are not ready to finally break off their old relationship, and therefore become friends. Both know each other's hobbies, preferences, habits, tastes, habits, interests. If you are ready to endure such a painful friendship for both sexes, then you should remember the following rules:

- firstly, no "friendly" sex. He will stir up old feelings, and it is a priori wrong to sleep with a friend. The same goes for all hugs, kisses, and gentle touches;

- secondly, the less frequent the meetings, the better it will be for you. You do not need to avoid your ex, but the number of casual meetings should be minimized;

- thirdly, there is no need to share inner experiences with him. Do not be interested in his personal life and do not brag about yours, because this can bring heartache both to him and to you;

- Fourthly, do not build any illusions about the restoration of any previous romantic relationship. It is humiliating to exist in tandem, where one loves and the other is friends. If you want to drag your "friend" into bed - this is not friendship at all, because friends do not have sex.

It is important to remember that friendship is above all spiritual closeness. When you are discussing with a person a novelty in the film industry or a book you just read, you do not think what gender he is.

Step 3

Alas, the relationship after parting with a stretch can be called friendship, maximum - just friendly. Staying friends, saying hello at a meeting, smiling, helping with little things is the right decision. Many couples end their romances with scandal and tantrums. Quiet and peaceful settlement of relations is quite normal for sensible adults.

Step 4

Friendship between a man and a woman takes place if you believe in it. People build their own reality.