What Kind Of Martial Arts To Do For A Little Boy

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What Kind Of Martial Arts To Do For A Little Boy
What Kind Of Martial Arts To Do For A Little Boy

Video: What Kind Of Martial Arts To Do For A Little Boy

Video: What Kind Of Martial Arts To Do For A Little Boy
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Martial arts, if a child is engaged with his peers, can bring him considerable benefit. In the process of training, the boy develops physically and spiritually. There are many different areas of martial arts. Knowing their features will help you make the right choice.

What kind of martial arts to do for a little boy
What kind of martial arts to do for a little boy

Positive and negative in the practice of martial arts

The positive aspects of practicing martial arts include the following:

1. During training, the child hardens, physically develops. In addition, he gains self-defense skills.

2. Some children grow up in single-parent families, where the father is most often absent. In the upbringing of a boy, a man occupies a special place, therefore, in such cases, the coach can to some extent replace his dad.

3. If the boy does not attend kindergarten or school, martial arts classes can help him adapt to the children's team. Such sections are especially important for physically underdeveloped and timid children.

4. True martial art brings up in future men not pugnaciousness, but such qualities as the ability to live in harmony with one's own “I” and the surrounding world, courage, kindness. Coaches teach boys to be strong but not aggressive.

In addition to the positive aspects, martial art also has some negative aspects:

1. The main danger lies in the fact that if a coach is an aggressive person, then he will cultivate this quality in his charges. To avoid this, you need to be especially careful in choosing your martial arts teacher.

2. Not all types of martial arts are suitable for children who have not previously been involved in sports.

3. Before starting to practice martial arts, the child must undergo a medical examination. This is an important point, since many types of martial arts have contraindications.

Contraindications include chronic forms of diseases of the cardiovascular system, spine, any exacerbation of disease.

4. Different types of martial arts can be quite traumatic. If the boy plays sports for his own pleasure, they can be avoided. If the question arises about prizes and medals, the baby may not withstand all the responsibility and get a nervous breakdown, injuries.

The choice of martial arts for a boy

For little boys, several types of martial arts are suitable.


This type of Japanese martial arts is aimed at defeating the opponent, putting him in a helpless position. The basis of judo is to use the strength and movement of the enemy against himself. It is considered the art of self-defense, but some techniques are also suitable for attack.


This is a form of Japanese martial art without the use of weapons. There are semi-contact and non-contact types of karate. Children need to start learning this art from the latter. Non-contact karate contributes to the development of speed, attention, and accuracy of reaction.


This is a Korean version of martial arts, reminiscent of karate. There are two types of it: with the absence of punches and with their presence, but with the prohibition of side punches and blows from below. It is considered a rather cruel single combat.


It is the Chinese system of physical and spiritual development. Slowly performed exercises resemble health-improving gymnastics, but they also have martial use. This universal wellness system is suitable for people of all ages and with different physical fitness.


This is a defensive technique based on intercepting the opponent's movements. The actions of the aikidoist himself resemble the description of circles. Promotes the development of physical and spiritual qualities, although in life it is not very effective.


It is a Russian invention called "self-defense without weapons."It combines several areas of martial arts, but more closely resembles judo.

The main difference between sambo and judo is that in the second case, choke holds are allowed and painful holds on the legs are prohibited, while in sambo it is vice versa.

When choosing a martial art for a little boy, parents should pay great attention to choosing a sensible trainer who will teach the kid not only martial techniques, but also introduce him to philosophy and a certain way of life. After all, this is the main value of martial arts for a child. It is important that the coach does not instill in the child a cult of strength, but, on the contrary, teaches him to negotiate peacefully.