How To Secure A Home For A Child

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How To Secure A Home For A Child
How To Secure A Home For A Child

Video: How To Secure A Home For A Child

Video: How To Secure A Home For A Child
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Most items in the home can pose a potential threat to the child. It is impossible to track his every movement, so you need to take measures in advance to create a safe environment.

How to secure a home for a child
How to secure a home for a child

It is necessary

Protective caps for furniture corners, window blockers, plugs for sockets


Step 1

One of the most dangerous places in the house is the kitchen. In this room there are many piercing and cutting objects, a stove with hot pots, etc. Do not allow your baby to be in the kitchen without adult supervision, close the door tightly. Move knives, forks and breakable dishes higher.

Step 2

The baby can be seriously injured if it hits a sharp corner of furniture. Purchase special soft protective caps from a hardware store or furniture store and secure them tightly with screws. To prevent the child from opening the cabinet doors on their own, put on the furniture handles hinges made of ordinary linen elastic or purchase special door locks at a furniture store.

Step 3

Move higher all extension cords and electrical wires. Pulling on some kind of cord, the kid can drop an iron, TV or other household appliance on himself. Purchase special plugs for outlets.

Step 4

Open windows pose a huge danger to a small child. To prevent the baby from opening the frame on its own, put special blockers on it. You can buy them in hardware stores or from the company that installed windows in your house.

Step 5

When buying a constructor for your kid, choose it according to your age. Kids taste everything, so games with large details should be preferred. Do not leave small objects in the reach of the child: keys, key chains, etc. All this can get into the baby's mouth and lead to unpleasant consequences.

Step 6

All objects dangerous for the child, with which he can injure himself, choke or poison himself, should be where he cannot get to them on his own. Keep your home first aid kit in the top drawers of the cabinets.