Where To Send A Photo Of The Missing Child

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Where To Send A Photo Of The Missing Child
Where To Send A Photo Of The Missing Child

Video: Where To Send A Photo Of The Missing Child

Video: Where To Send A Photo Of The Missing Child
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According to statistics, a child disappears every 30 minutes in Russia. Most of them return home in a few hours or are found visiting relatives, friends, acquaintances. But what if this did not happen, where to send the photo of the missing child?

Where to send a photo of the missing child
Where to send a photo of the missing child


Step 1

Find out what the child was wearing when he left home. Find a recent photo. Preferably one that was made no more than 6 months ago. If there is no photo printed, find a digital photo and print as many copies as possible at the nearest store or mall where the service is available.

Step 2

Go to the police. Your child's missing statement must be accepted immediately. Describe to a law enforcement officer what the child looks like, what he is wearing, show the photo. The more complete and accurate information you provide and the better the photo you provide, the easier it will be to find your son or daughter.

Step 3

If the police sent you home to wait for the search results, do not sit back. Go to your personal pages on social networks and post there a photo and information about the missing person. Write about the disappearance to his classmates and friends. Information about the possible whereabouts of the child can be gleaned from his personal correspondence over the past few days.

Step 4

Go around all the relatives, give them photos of the child. Connect as many relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances as possible to the search. Have them walk around the city districts, singly or in groups, showing the photograph to passers-by. It is possible that one of the people saw the missing child on the street, in a store, in transport.

Step 5

Search the Internet for the Find Children forum and similar resources. In your region thread, create a new theme and post a photo of the missing child there. If a child goes missing in the winter, or you suspect that he may have gone into the forest, volunteers should be contacted immediately after reporting the missing to the police.

Step 6

Check with the police about where else you can send photos of the missing child. Most likely, they will recommend that you post the picture on the pages of volunteer associations for finding people in your area, as well as post copies of landmarks in your and nearby areas yourself.

Step 7

Contact the mass media: information and news sites, a TV company. Ask to report the missing child and leave with the photo the contact phone numbers by which you can be found.