What Dangers Lie In Wait For Children In Summer

What Dangers Lie In Wait For Children In Summer
What Dangers Lie In Wait For Children In Summer
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After a long cold winter, both adults and children are waiting for summer. But together with summer, nature gives unpleasant surprises. For adults, such surprises cause some inconvenience, and for children they are also very dangerous.

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Summer has finally come. Warm, the sun is shining brightly. A light summer breeze is blowing. Joyful and light in my soul from the luscious greenery, from the blue sky, from the noise of children - din outside the window.

At this wonderful time of the year, children spend more time outside than in the snowy frosty winter, rainy autumn and warm, but so unpredictable spring. Grown up children walk on the street alone, and the kids are under the supervision of adults.

But despite all the "delights" of this time of year, summer is fraught with many dangers for children of all ages.

  • The sun. Yes - yes, that brightest, warm, affectionate sun, for which they love summer so much. Why is the sun dangerous? And it is dangerous just by its ardor - heat, and if used incorrectly - by sunstroke and burns.
  • Various insect bites. It is not the bites themselves that are terrible, but the consequences and reaction to them. For example, a tick bite can lead to encephalitis, and a wasp bite can trigger an allergic reaction. Children are at risk because their immune systems are not yet strong enough to resist in full force.
  • Injuries. Kids learn to walk on their own, get to know the world around them, and older children devote a lot of time to active sports. In such cases, falls, injuries, abrasions and bruises are inevitable.
  • Foodborne infections. During hot seasons, the risk of foodborne infections increases This happens because the summer conditions are more favorable for the reproduction and growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Water, or rather water bodies, in which children love to splash so much on hot summer days. Swimming can be dangerous for both those who cannot swim and those who can.
  • Lightning, thunderstorm, hurricane. In summer, due to the intense heat, thunderstorms and lightning are quite common. Lightning and gusty winds can not only cause fear in both children and adults, but also become deadly under certain conditions.

If you know about all the troubles that lie in wait for babies in the summer, and learn how to react to them correctly and cope with them, then the summer will only bring joy and will become an unforgettable time of the year.

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