How To Arrange A Child

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How To Arrange A Child
How To Arrange A Child

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The state is discussing how to streamline the organization of planning places in the system of preschool education institutions, but in practice it looks a little different. Parents continue to face the problem of how to triple a child in kindergarten in such a way that his enrollment is not commensurate with the price of admission to an elite university.

To place a child in kindergarten, you need to queue
To place a child in kindergarten, you need to queue

It is necessary

parent's passport, child's birth certificate, his medical card, documents confirming the benefits for enrollment in kindergarten


Step 1

In order not to face the fact that by the time the mother leaves the decree, there is simply no one to leave the child with, it is necessary to register with the relevant state authorities immediately after his birth. This significantly increases the chances of placing a child in a kindergarten, but you need to know that there are two queues: general and preferential. Therefore, situations are not excluded when, at the initial entry, the sequence number of the queue will be lower than the one that will be announced immediately at the time of enrollment in kindergarten. The necessary documents are submitted to the relevant district commissions. To enroll a child on the queue for kindergarten, you need a statement from the parents, documents proving the identity of one of them and the baby himself, if there are benefits - a document confirming them, a medical card.

Step 2

You can often hear about the huge money required to place a child in a kindergarten. In practice, it is much easier to explore the benefits that you can take advantage of. In this way, it is easier and cheaper to place a child in kindergarten. Among those who have benefits are single parents, disabled people, students, large families, as well as children of military personnel, the unemployed and internally displaced persons. The list is quite large, so it is quite possible to adapt one of its items for yourself. The easiest way to get a student mom benefit. Even if you already have education, it is quite possible to enroll in the correspondence department of any educational institution, since the standard provision on benefits does not contain any restrictions on the form of education. Another option is a mother who works in a kindergarten, where she places her child. Given the constant shortage of staff, there are usually no problems with employment.

Step 3

If, during the initial attempts to arrange a child, parents are faced with refusal, you need not give up, but make an appointment with higher authorities. It is quite possible that the problem of how to place a child in a kindergarten will be helped by the local administration.

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