When Is It Better To Send A Child To Kindergarten

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When Is It Better To Send A Child To Kindergarten
When Is It Better To Send A Child To Kindergarten

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The years spent by a child in kindergarten are an important stage in the life of a little man. In order for this stage to leave only positive emotions, it is important to reasonably choose the time for the first visit to the children's collective. The age at which a child can go to the garden is determined strictly individually, taking into account the character and development of the baby. Most preschool institutions accept children who have reached the age of one and a half.

When is it better to send a child to kindergarten
When is it better to send a child to kindergarten

Toddlers from one to three years

The age of a baby from one to one and a half years is the worst period in order to send a child to a nursery. Any, even short-term separation from mom is a tragedy for a little man. Even if a loving grandmother or a caring nanny remains with him, no one will replace his mother. Only the most extreme circumstances can explain going to a nursery at this age.

Psychologists believe that it is too early to send a child to kindergarten at 1, 5 years old. At this age, the bond between mother and baby is still very strong. The child reacts painfully both to the absence of a mother and to strangers approaching him.

At 2 years old, it is already a little easier for a child to get used to kindergarten. If he is active, can eat on his own, go to the toilet, you can try to take him to the garden. In this case, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the child. If the adaptation process is difficult, you should not insist on visiting the garden. Putting pressure on a child can negatively affect their ability to connect with others later.

Children aged 3-4 years

By the age of three, the baby can already safely endure the absence of a mother for some time. He has the necessary self-care skills, easily contacts with other children. It is this age that is most optimal for "going out". At the age of three to four, children begin to play with pleasure in common games, learn to share toys, gradually move on to role-playing games, distributing roles among themselves. This is an invaluable communication experience.

At this age, a very small number of children can be called "non-nursery". With gradual accustoming to the kindergarten group, the child adapts well to an unfamiliar environment.

In a group of children, the child will quickly learn the skills that he has not yet learned. But the main "plus" in attending kindergarten at this age is, as already noted, the acquisition of communication skills with peers and older people.

If for some reason the child did not attend kindergarten until the age of four, there is nothing to worry about. It is not too late to send a four-year-old baby to the garden. It is at this time that children get full pleasure from communication and playing with their peers.

The child will not lag behind other children in anything without going to kindergarten. One thing is important - not to close the circle of his communication with mom, dad and relatives. You can expand the area of ​​communication with the help of various children's clubs, circles, schools of early development. What matters is not at what age the child went to the garden. It is important how he reacts to this, how he knows how to build communication with peers and elders, how he adapts in society.

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