How To Raise A Teenage Girl

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How To Raise A Teenage Girl
How To Raise A Teenage Girl

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A little lady is growing up in your family. She has already become almost an adult, turns in front of a mirror, carefully thinks out her wardrobe, chooses a new hairstyle. You are surprised to see how much she has changed, become more graceful, how the first signs of femininity appear in her. It can be very difficult to find a common language with this new, almost adult person. What is the right way to raise a teenage girl?

How to raise a teenage girl
How to raise a teenage girl


Step 1

Never make nasty comments about your growing daughter's appearance. At this age, girls perceive them very painfully. They notice that their appearance is changing, the first signs of femininity appear. But not all girls can overcome this stage easily. Many of them are complex, comparing themselves to their friends who may look older.

Step 2

Explain to your daughter that each girl's body is unique. And it develops at its own individual pace. Calm down the girl, tell her that there is no point in rushing the time. Sooner or later, she will look more mature, but it will just happen a little later. When she gets older, she, on the contrary, will enjoy this unhurried development.

Step 3

Let the girl look the way she wants. Of course, you need to make sure that her external image is within the bounds of decency, but you cannot forbid her to wear things that she likes. In adolescence, the opinion of peers for all children comes to the fore. Parents continue to be one hundred percent authorities for few people. Show wisdom. Remember this psychological trait of adolescents. Don't be a tyrant, on the contrary, you have a chance to start building a real adult friendship with her. The teenager subconsciously seeks authority. Therefore, so often children at this age want to be like artists, singers and singers. Become your daughter's authority. Let her know that her mother knows how to look no worse than any star.

Step 4

Dress up and do your first makeup experiences together. Let this be your new game, replacing dolls. The girl should find support and approval in your actions. After all, you are the closest person.

Step 5

Encourage your daughter's hobbies. Music, dancing, sports, intellectual games, tourism … She must do whatever she likes in order to throw out the amount of energy that accumulates in her body during the period of active growing up.

Step 6

Train your girl to take care of herself daily. This applies to the face, skin of the hands, intimate hygiene, hair, etc. She becomes a woman, and the female body is a very fragile instrument, you need to take care of it constantly and do it right. Show everything by example.

Step 7

Explain to the girl that in relationships with young people it is important to maintain self-esteem, not to rush to the neck of the first guy she meets. Do not show your sympathy in front of everyone. In a love relationship, it is important to maintain respect for each other, take care of each other. If a teenage girl has these things from the beginning, it will be much easier for her to build relationships with men in the future. It is best if parents teach harmonious family relationships by their own example.

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