How To Write A Biography Of A Child

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How To Write A Biography Of A Child
How To Write A Biography Of A Child
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It seems that it is not at all easy to compose a biography of a child, because there are not so many significant facts in his life. And the story, if it succeeds, will be dry and voluminous. However, try to remember all the important events in your baby's life, achievements and interests, and you can write a detailed and interesting biography.

How to write a biography of a child
How to write a biography of a child


Step 1

Enter the child's surname, initials and date of birth. Write where he was born. If there are many children in your family, be sure to mention how the person described was born. Note his main character traits and behaviors during the period when he did not go to kindergarten yet.

Step 2

Write the date of admission to child care. If the kindergarten had some kind of specialized direction, be sure to focus on this. Indicate the group to which the baby was admitted, its level and age category. Tell us in detail about all the important achievements that the child was able to achieve while attending kindergarten. If your toddler's behavior has changed a lot during this period, mark it.

Step 3

List all the circles, sections and developmental activities that the child attended in the preschool period. Specify, perhaps, in some area, he has achieved significant success. List any knowledge that the child has acquired through attending these activities. In addition, note the main hobbies and aspirations of the preschooler.

Step 4

Enter the date your child entered school. If the school or class is specialized, be sure to note the direction of study. Describe the general tone of your child's relationship with teachers and classmates, focusing on friendliness, ability to connect, and willingness to communicate. Describe how your child's behavior has changed since entering school.

Step 5

List all the awards that the child received during training and participation in various competitions and competitions. Be sure to focus on the inclinations that the student has, be it sports or learning foreign languages.

Step 6

Try to describe the child's life according to a strict chronology. List moves and major life changes. If you are compiling a biography at the request of an institution, ask in advance, it may be necessary to indicate some specific needs.

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