How To Prepare Your Child For First Grade

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How To Prepare Your Child For First Grade
How To Prepare Your Child For First Grade

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From early childhood, mothers and fathers promise their children that when they turn seven, they will go to school on September 1, where they will be taught to read, write, count and tell many more interesting things. However, simply taking a child over the age of seven to first grade will not be enough. This is preceded by a long period of careful preparation.

How to prepare your child for first grade
How to prepare your child for first grade


Step 1

Take tests with your child for psychological and physical readiness for school. During the tests, the general level of the child's development, the presence of elementary knowledge and skills, the level of development of logical and creative thinking, and physical readiness for school are assessed. The last point is very important, because when a child moves from kindergarten to school, he is forced to withstand enormous loads, both mental and physical, which have not yet been. Therefore, if you were told during the examination that it is too early for the child to go to school and needs to stay at home for another year, then this instruction should in no case be neglected. Overloading the child's health can be severely affected.

Step 2

Participate in the preparation of your child yourself. The main preparation of children for school should be carried out by the kindergarten staff - this is part of their direct responsibilities. However, educators and educators can not always pay enough attention to each of the children. Therefore, parents should not neglect this either. In modern elementary school, it is no longer customary to teach children to read and write - they should already be able to do it well, entering the first grade.

Step 3

Send your child to Sunday school. There he will get acquainted with the very concept of “school”, learn how classes look like, how the lesson goes, and will get used to discipline. In addition, Sunday schools are aimed specifically at preparing the child for admission to first grade. Often the first classes are formed from Sunday school classes.

Step 4

Get your child to first grade. If all the tests show that your child is completely ready for school, you should start purchasing everything you need. A full list of everything you need will be given to you at school, although the set of a first grader is usually about the same: notebooks in a slanting narrow ruler and in a cage of 12 sheets, a diary, pens, simple pencils, rulers, erasers and sharpeners, materials for creativity, etc. Don't forget your school uniform. In some educational institutions, a uniform school uniform has been adopted, which means that it will be ordered for the whole class, but the child will still need shirts (for boys), blouses and tights (for girls) and changeable shoes.

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