How To Crochet A Baby Hat

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How To Crochet A Baby Hat
How To Crochet A Baby Hat

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Hand-made products have always been and will be in fashion, as they attract attention with their uniqueness and originality of the idea. A cap, skillfully crocheted and complemented by decorative elements, will undoubtedly fulfill not only its main functional purpose, but also become an excellent decoration for a child.

How to crochet a baby hat
How to crochet a baby hat

It is necessary

Yarn (alpaca, mohair, angora), crochet


Step 1

To crochet a baby hat, it is advisable to purchase a fluffy enough yarn that will not hide the design of the product and at the same time give it the necessary volume. For this purpose, threads are well suited: angora, alpaca or blended yarn. Bouclé threads look especially voluminous. Mohair is also quite in demand, but it must be borne in mind that its long pile can cause irritation of the child's face.

Step 2

So, we are making a hat for a girl 5-7 years old. The whole product is knitted with a double crochet.

1 row: crochet one air loop, from which we knit 12 double crochets.

2 row: in each loop of the previous row we knit 2 columns with crochets, that is, in total there should be 24 columns.

3rd row: we continue to knit with crochets according to the scheme * 2 double crochets in one loop, 1 double crochet in one loop * as a result, there will be a total of 36 crochets in a row.

Rows 4-6: * 2 double crochet in one loop, sequentially one double crochet in 4 loops *. Then the scheme is repeated.

7-14 rows: we knit each double crochet in one loop.

Step 3

The result is a hat that fits the child's head well. We tie the edge of the product with scallops or ordinary posts. For contrast, we process the edge of the cap with threads that are in harmony in color.

You can decorate the hat with knitted flowers. The double flower, attached by a simple column *, looks good. In the next row, we repeat the scheme. The result is a five-petal flower. In the same way we knit a second flower from threads of a different color. They can be attached to the hat side by side (one slightly higher) or by overlapping. You can also decorate the headdress stretched along the bottom edge with a satin ribbon. Thus, even a novice needlewoman can crochet a baby hat.

A knitted scarf with threads of the same texture and color and decorated with tassels will be an excellent addition.

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