How To Bathe A Child With A Circle

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How To Bathe A Child With A Circle
How To Bathe A Child With A Circle

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Your baby has been in the stomach for nine months, floating in amniotic fluid. Perhaps because of this, newborns love to swim. They feel comfortable and calm in the water. The baby has innate bathing skills from birth, so parents should make sure that he does not forget them. You can swim in the large bathtub at home or go to the pool. For small toddlers, experts have developed an inflatable ring that fits easily around the neck and helps to stay on the water.

How to bathe a child with a circle
How to bathe a child with a circle

It is necessary

  • - circle for swimming
  • - water-filled bath


Step 1

The bathing circle is convenient because, putting it on the child's neck, the parent can simply watch him. There is no need to stand bent in half over the bathtub. With a circle around his neck, the child feels confident, his movements are free. When worn correctly, it does not put pressure on the neck. And a special chin notch will help to fix the head in one position.

Step 2

To use the circle, take it out of its packaging and straighten it out. The circle consists of two air chambers, inside of which there are small balls - rattles. Often there are handles on the upper part of the circle - they will be convenient for older children.

Step 3

First you need to inflate the inner chamber and close it tightly with a nipple. Then you inflate the second chamber and close it tightly as well. Both nipples must be pressed inward. Check in a tub filled with water for air leaks. Your child's safety depends on it.

Step 4

Fill the tub with water. It should be slightly cooler than 37 °. In warm water, the child may refuse to swim, just relax. Cool water will make it move.

Step 5

Introduce the child to the circle. Do not immediately put the circle on your neck, the baby may get scared. Let him look, touch, lick. After meeting, you can try to put on a circle. To do this, unfasten the fasteners and bend the edges of the circle in different directions (up and down). You will get a small opening so that the child's head goes into a circle. At first, most likely, you will need the help of loved ones.

Step 6

Make sure that the chin is in a special notch. Fasten the locks and adjust the opening on the baby's neck. The circle should not press on the neck. The child must breathe freely.

Step 7

Take the baby to the bathroom and gently submerge it in the water. Never leave him or leave your child alone in the bathroom! This is fraught with dire consequences. Play with it, make it move, roll it from belly to back and back.

Step 8

After bathing, take the baby out of the water by grasping the armpits. Do not grasp the handles of the circle! On the changing table, release the baby from the circle, dip him with a towel and dress. Good appetite and restful sleep are guaranteed.

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