Popular Contemporary Children's Writers

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Popular Contemporary Children's Writers
Popular Contemporary Children's Writers

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Despite the fact that some critics consider children's literature to be absolutely unpopular and even "dying out" sphere, there are quite a lot of talented and successful writers working in this area. And along with the classics of children's literature of the past, they constitute a wonderful role model for colleagues and the love of modern children.

Children's literature
Children's literature


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Astrid Lindgren. Despite the fact that the writer began her work in the middle of the last century, her works do not lose their relevance, and the latest ones appeared in modern times. Lindgren's characters are funny, understandable to children, and therefore very much loved by them.

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Tove Jansson is a Finnish writer who became famous for her kind and sweet story about the Moomins. These heroes come from mythological ideas about trolls, but in a kinder, childlike manner. At the moment, these funny creatures in the form of dolls, figurines and, of course, heroes of books are able to evoke affection and please not only kids, but also adults.

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J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter series. Who is not familiar with this wonderful story about a wizard boy? At one time, she made a lot of noise and until now this series is still popular. Books are endowed not only with magic, because the main thing in them is human values ​​for all time: friendship, courage, love and the ability to help.

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Philip Pullman. He is best known in Russia for his Dark Principles trilogy, which includes the books The Golden Compass, The Silver Knife, and The Amber Telescope. This is a mysterious and adventurous story about children who must fight a powerful organization in a world where much looks like modernity, but still there is a place for magic and secrets.

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Kir Bulychev, "The Adventures of Alice". The series of books will be of interest to modern children, as the action takes place in the future, at the end of the 21st century. Few authors write on the topic of children's fiction, so the adventures of young Alisa Selezneva will certainly appeal to little fans of star battles and space travel.

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If we touch on the subject of science fiction and fantasy, then adolescents and children of secondary school age can be advised the works of Ursula Le Guin "The Wizard of Earthsea" or Sergei Lukyanenko and his works "Knights", "Boy and Darkness", "Dancing in the Snow", "Knock" …

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Eduard Uspensky's modern children's fairy tales were a great success in his cycle about Prostokvashino. And the satirical poems of Grigory Oster "Harmful advice" will help to teach the little bully some rules.

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Owen Colfer's books about Artemis Fowl are filled with good humor, detective lines and adventures. These books, like those of Auster, are built on the transformation of an attractive negative personality into a hero of the work. The genius of the underworld, the child prodigy Artemis Fowle, gets into various troubles and emerges victorious from them. Despite the rather dark essence of the protagonist, the book deserves attention.

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