How To Make A Children's Magazine

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How To Make A Children's Magazine
How To Make A Children's Magazine
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Unfortunately, today the culture of joint family reading of children's periodicals has practically disappeared. But it is from brightly designed, informative children's magazines that a child can learn a lot of new things. Especially in the period from 3 to 5 years old, when the most frequent questions asked by kids are "why?" and why?".

How to make a children's magazine
How to make a children's magazine

It is necessary

  • electronic layout skills,
  • ability to photograph,
  • the ability to captivate people,
  • the skill of creating texts.


Step 1

Think back to the magazines you loved when you were little. Explore what children's magazines are published today in Russia. Familiarize yourself with their content, assess the strengths and weaknesses. To do this, take a piece of paper, divide it into two columns. In the first, write down the pluses of the magazines you viewed, in the second - the minuses. Based on your research and your own thoughts, start working on a concept for your own children's magazine.

Step 2

Decide who will fill your magazine, i.e. Will your magazine be authored by children or adults?

In their own way, both options are good, not bad and mixed. The general content can be dealt with by adults (for example, yourself), and a separate heading can be given to authors-children. There you can publish their drawings, sayings, fairy tales composed by children, etc.

Step 3

Choose your target audience. Who will read your magazine - parents or children? When you have decided on the audience, you can start working on the content part: think over the main headings, distribute responsibilities between the participants in the process. You can involve both children and adults to create the magazine.

If the project of your magazine, first of all, sets educational goals, then it is better if children are busy at all stages of its creation.

Step 4

Choose the format in which your journal will be published. It can be electronic and run in the form of a blog, or it can be typeset and published in a full-fledged "paper" version. Both options can be in demand and both will surely get their readers.

But publishing a printed magazine is still more correct, especially if you expect children to read it. It is always more interesting for a child to consider something that can be held in his hands. However, there are some difficulties here - you will need to master more new skills: layout, features of preparing a magazine for printing, etc. But, if you think everything over well from the very beginning, this will not stop you: you will acquire this knowledge and skills yourself, or you will attract specialists who are ready to work under contracts.

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