What Is A Life Size Puppet

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What Is A Life Size Puppet
What Is A Life Size Puppet

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A life size puppet is by no means an ordinary child's toy. It is one of the important elements of children's parties, entertainment events and advertising campaigns. There are also life-size puppet theaters.

What is a life size puppet
What is a life size puppet

Life-size puppets are controlled from within by a puppeteer artist. The word "tall" means that the dolls are made in human height or even taller. Most often, characters from popular cartoons become a model for creating a life-size puppet. Although, depending on the purpose of the doll, it can be made in the form of a smiley face, a hamburger that comes to life and other advertising characters.

Life-size puppet theaters

In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ulyanovsk, Kirov and many other Russian cities, there are life-size puppet theaters. Often they specialize in staging funny show performances with the participation of heroes of books and cartoons that children love: Panda, The Fixies, Shrek, Luntik, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and many others. These fantasy performances can be performed both in the premises of the theater itself, and directly on the streets of the city, causing constant delight in the eyes of their young spectators.

In addition, children's parties are held with the participation of life-size puppets. The revived character of your favorite cartoon, who came to congratulate the baby on his birthday or who became the leader of the city holiday for the children, of course, leaves an unforgettable impression on the child's soul. However, adults are also very fond of life-size puppets. Communicating with a large revived toy, they seem to return to childhood again. Sometimes, on the eve of holidays, anniversaries and birthdays, life-size puppets play the role of "living cards".

Life-size puppets in advertising

Life-size puppets are actively used in advertising. In recent years, they increasingly act as branded characters. The fairytale hero can bring any product to life. It looks very funny when the advertised product approaches potential buyers, greets them, asks how they are doing. According to marketing experts, such representations significantly increase both the level of sales and the credibility of the advertised brand.

Life-size puppets give out invitations to various events, flyers and brochures, discount coupons, take pictures with everyone (of course, this is the most enjoyable for the little ones), sometimes they meet and see off buyers of large shopping centers.

A life size puppet is both a large walking soft toy, a funny fairy-tale character, and an effective advertising tool. It is thanks to their wide capabilities that life-size puppets have gained such great popularity.

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